Hip-Hop History

The Struggle of Hip-Hop Culture in United States Politics (Part 1)

“Reporters showed us pictures at home of the Vietnam War [and] because we saw the horror, that’s what made us stop the war when we did. That’s what I’m going to do as a rapper. I’m going to show the most graphic details of what I see in my community and hopefully they’ll stop it, quick.” – 2Pac

Like other forms of protest music that came before it, Hip-Hop has its roots in some of the poorest communities in New York City. It was then amplified by the gangster lifestyle of California and is now a universal presence in almost every country in the world. Although since its humble beginnings the corporate powers of the United States have used it for their own financial gain, Hip-Hop still remains the voice of the underprivileged and underrepresented of the country and even the world. I hope to show how the Culture of Hip-Hop has grown and developed out of the injustices of the American legal and political system. I also want to show that Hip-Hop has since been struggling within that system, like any other political party or organization, to raise awareness for the issues important to it and try to create a positive change in those areas that they see needing improvement. I will show that although the United States rarely addresses the topics that Hip-Hop addresses, the artists and the activists in the movement have not stopped using this unique sub-culture to raise awareness for their issues.