The Rising Tide of Resistance

 Across the Valley People Take to the Streets Against Police Brutality & State Repression  On October 22nd, the national day of police brutality awareness, over a hundred people came together for the ‘Caravan of Resistance’ a three-city protest in Stockton,… Read More ›

Wanted:Robert Stanford

Robert Stanford claims to be a local community activist, but has repeatedly called the cops on young Latinos, claiming they are gang members (with no proof.) He tucalled the Sheriffs on a needle exchange program that was set-up to help… Read More ›


Como Protegerse con la aplicación de las leyes de inmigración en California: – Los Oficiales de inmigración no pueden entrar a las áreas privadas/su hogar/su automóvil, al menos de que tengan un permiso especial ( consentimiento) dado por un individuo… Read More ›