Valley Improvement Projects (V.I.P.) – A Community Center in Modesto for Social & Environmental Justice:

SOL Collective – A Social Center in Sacramento focused on Art, Cuture, Activism:

Plea for Peace Foundation & Center – Community Center & Venue in Stockton:

Modesto Anarcho Crew & Journal – News & Direct Action:

Modesto CopWatch: & videos at 

Stanislaus County Radical Mental Health:

Modesto Peace & Life Center – Social Space & Activism:

Grayson Neighborhood Council:

Modesto Solidarity Network – Worker & Tenant Support:


The Stimulator – Revolutionary (& Humorous) International News:

All of Us or None – Prisoner Support:

Anarchist Black Cross Federation – Political Prisoner Support:

Occupy Oakland: – Occupy Wall Street:

Native News Network:

Black Riders Liberation Party:

Green Action – Health & Environmental Justice:

Block Report Radio – The People’s Voice on the Airwaves & the Internet:

Davey-D’s Hip-Hop Corner – Hip-Hop & Political News:

IndyBay – Independent Media:

CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective:

The National Lawyers Guild SF Chapter – Legal Support:

Color Lines – News on Racism & Injustice:

Davey-D’s Hip-Hop Corner – Where Hip-Hop & Politics Meet:

All Hip-Hop – Hip-Hop News:

Rosa Clemente – Hip-Hop Activist, Lecturer, & Journalist:

Rap Sessions – Community Dialogues on Hip-Hop:

Dead Prez – Revolutionary But Gangsta:

Art Crimes – The Writing on the Wall:

Hip-Hop Congress – Energize…Organize…Revolutionize:

Jeff Chang – Hip-Hop Author:

Rock the Bells – A World Class Hip-Hop Platform: – Hip-Hop News & Videos:

No Warning Shots Fired – Truth Minista Paul Scott:

Books and Literature:

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Jeff Chang

Holler of Ya Hear Me – Michael Eric Dyson

Between God and Gangsta Rap – Michael Eric Dyson

Know What I Mean? – Michael Eric Dyson

Bomb the Suburbs & No More Prisons – both by William Upski Wimsatt

Fight the Power – Chuck D & Yusuf Jah

Total Chaos – Various, edited by Jeff Chang

Let’s Get Free – Paul Butler

Home Girls Make Some Noise – Various

The Hip-Hop Generation – Bakari Kitwana

Hip-Hop Matters – S. Craig Watkins

The Ice Opinion – Ice-T

Black Noise – Tricia Rose

The Hip-Hop Wars – Tricia Rose

Documentaries and Films:

Letter to the President (doc) – Thomas Gibson

Contact us if you have something to add to the list:

2 replies

  1. Panther Party is another great film. Search it ya’ll. It’s about the formation of the Crips (who used to be called ‘cribs’) ‘n Bloodz after the fall (and don’t mean failure) of the Black Panther Party. The real facts, the real truth!

    Dig it……..

  2. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that im a appreciative fan and would like to add another very insperational hip hop artist to your list. He goes by Menace Man by Right Now Records he is very talented and has his own original style. Although he has not made it big time his upcoming is coming very soon out of Houston Texas. Again, thank you so much and we really appreciate all of your post.

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