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The Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report & Reporters are a Modesto/Central Valley collective of Hip-Hop heads and journalists. Our goal is to bring aspects of Revolutionary Hip-Hop culture to the people and bring the people into the realm of the Revolutionary Hip-Hop scene. We are an independent media source that wants to bring real issues, which often go uncovered in the corporate news, to the attention of our local community and the general public that it concerns and affects. We draw inspiration from, and want to promote, the most positive and progressive aspects of Hip-Hop music, culture, and political action to empower the powerless and the ‘have-nots.’ Especially the youth, people of color, the poor and working class, the homeless, immigrants, and anyone else that is oppressed by the current system of corporate rule and the police state that protects it. We want your voice to be heard! If you want to fight your oppression, give food to the hungry, homes to the homeless, observe police conduct, empower the youth, start a boycott, a strike, a walk-out, organize a rally, write an article, a song, rap, or poem expressing your opinion, then we are here to support you and we are hoping that you will support us. We will stay dedicated to reporting the unreported, representing the underrepresented, and of course keeping it Hip-Hop…and it don’t stop!