Video: March Against Monsanto in Sacramento

From – On Saturday May 25, 2013 over a thousand people attended a march and protest against mega corporation marchagainstmonsantoSacMonsanto at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. This is one of many protests that took place in around 50 countries and around 400 cities against Monsanto’s many morally and some times illegal business practices. These include the creation if Agent Orange which was used by the U.S Military to kill and give birth defects  to thousands of Vietnamese, the development of growth hormones that lead to cancerous milk, top-cutting of mountains for metal mining, patenting of life forms, polluting of communities in Alabama, pushing genetically modified food onto the world’s population, as well as pouring millions of dollars into buying politicians and corrupting elections.

Special thanks to event organizer Steven Payan, and Vivi-T & QueenNandi of POOR Magazine/Po’ Poets Project for the interviews!

For more info see our previous article:

For even more info on Monsanto’s evil ways watch this:


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