Interview with Stockton’s BROke the eMcee

RHHR has been taking a break the last few months to regroup and reorganize, but we had to set aside some time to chat with one of the 209’s top MCs, Stockton’s Broke. Enjoy what he had to say, check out all his videos, go see him when he performs, buy one of his CDs, and stay tuned for the official re-launching of RHHR early next year!!! – The RHHReporters
RHHR: Hello Mr. Broke, we like your name, how did you come up with it?
Broke: Howdee! iGot my name from my favorite band (HeD)P.E. their second album “Broke” got me through alot in highschool.
R: Your from Stockton, have you always lived there?
B: Yessir! 25 years born and raised.
R: You hear a bunch of crazy stuff about stockton, its goin bankrupt, high crime, police brutality, do you think so?
B: It’s normal to me, Stockton has always been the same..the city is just starting to get a bad rap for it.
R: Did growing up in Stockton have anything to do with you gettin into Hip-Hop and rapping?
B: It actually didn’t influence much lol, I’ve always been a shut in since iWas a little kid. if anything, being the weird black guy in Stockton had more of an influence on me.
R: What else were big influences in your life, from roles models to musicians and artists you listened to?
B: iLooked up to my family mostly, iJust wanted to be like them when iWas a kid. as far as musicians go, whoever my parents listened to. from Allan Jackson to Pantera, between my mom and pop everything was played..except Hip-Hop.
R: What would you say has been your main goal in what you’ve done with your music and lyric writing?
B: No goals, no expectations. iJust want to make good music, I’m humbled by all the attention it brings, but iNever figured people would like it as much as they do.
R: Your also into skateboarding, did that go hand in hand with getting into Hip-Hop or did they happen at different times?
B: iStarted skating in middle school when iWas 13, rap didn’t come along until iStarted producing hip hop back in ’04 and couldn’t find dope mc’s.
R: What other hobbies keep you busy?
B: Right now it’s just filming skaters out here,  I’ll play guitar when I’m home but it’s really just skating at this moment.
R: What music have you been listening to lately, while you skate?
B: iListen to alot of hip hop from the 90’s and early 2000’s, but mostly iListen to classic rock and metal. heavy metal, death metal, black metal..iLoves it lol.
R: How do people check out your music and get more info about you?
R: Anything else to add?
B: Don’t brake your elbow kids, that shit really sucks!

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