RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” from the 209

Seek One (formerly Koshae, Los Banos) – American Prospect “never liked my school teachers, I always thought they were prejudice, had a youngster on a path to collectin dead presidents, we’re in crises, corporations rollin their dices, controllin us with media and electronic devices, land of the free? shit, why do I feel so priceless? wasnt shit given to me but the passion to write this, national fight to lead the strayed back to the righteous and now the leaders dont like this, why? cuz shits subject to change, they say the people and the leadership is one and the same, huh, but whos people is that? they say my people dont know how to act, I say its one god one love and we can keep it at that, lookin for peace, like a piece of Iraq, and that shit on 9/11 what was the reason for that? I sit and wonder how they can fund Rolling Thunder but still couldnt keep Louisiana from goin under, I guess its all a number-game, and the first thing they think about is ‘where do we gain?’ and the first place they profit is off of our pain, from the premature baby to the older lady goin insane, like a junkie I feel like my life is goin in-vain”

Da Goonz (Modesto) – So Beautiful “much better than them others, blame my mother I’m this way, display in a real way whatever I feel may, make ya go on ride this way with a real mane, we at the top over here its so beautiful, and niggas hatin in quiet but thats the usual, come conversate with a rider is something you should do

The Fourcast (Lodi) – Counter Actions “most people dont understand that we’re the disadvantaged, and manage to stay outlandish, spinnin the world and all its planets, all the death and damage, the heartache and the famine, they fuckin planned it, put some poison in the tablet, concealed it in your cabinet and your kids are the addicts, made famous by a capitalist, the pieces fit and they all make sense”

Unstoppable Da Ghost (Tracy) – Hip-Hop Saved My Life “shots fired, I hear em ring thru the night, cuz that day made a drastic change in my life, I never thought I’d have to deal with homies bein murdered, at that point I never thought that I would push on any further, cuz I admit I wanted to go and get revenge, but I took the pain and let it bleed out thru my pen, I’m standin here today because I chose the mic instead, if I woulda chose the 9 I probably would wind-up dead, I gotta thank Hip-Hop for what its done for me, even if I never blow-up my open eyes can see”

Colbalt 45 (Modesto) – My Passion Is “whens the last time you heard a verse so dumb to the end it made you want to run for a pen, and come anything but ignorant, you felt like dyin inside when you heard child tryin to rhyme, spittin the dumbest rhymes makin me sick to my stomach-line, shoulda stayed in school every summertime, fought fires on ol engine number nine, became a policeman doctor or a lawyer, Tom Sawyer rollin on the river as a voyeur, but he’d drown if he fell in, a school boy talkin like a felon with a seedless melon, MCs is jealous even though they cant spell it, theyre sayin Hip-Hop is dead, no one comes off the head, and first singles are geared toward lots of bread, what do you think Warner Brothers expects for those checks, when you flop you assume the debt, my passion is masterin this rappin tip” 

Squalid (Modesto) – Brought Em Back “shit yall dont need to get me back, but yall dont need to piggy back, follow lead and pick me last, pick a weapon chose a class, second captain do the math, triangles like Bermuda and I’ll slap you with my favorite hand, lazy land, a make the bench look good, I’m on some two left foot, I’m from a 2 live crew, most get used like mules, I’m that 2pac gloc-shot that penetrates the hearts of men, my moves knock non-stop, now watch how these artists can flash-freeze MCs just like chicken breasts, cuz if you aint duck em you aint cluckin next, I see these fools love to suffer from my fuckin rep, trippin over each other now they cant control they breath, we dont sing together but they tryin to get seen together, cuz it seems like I’m makin their scene look better, I dont care, it aint no party if I aint there”

Joeson Apex (Stockton) – Call to Action  “my young black men stand-up, its time to wake-up and shake-up and break up the mucus from your eyes, the ghetto got your ass lazy, hypnotized, synthesize yourself, boy regard your health, and find a legit hustle to increase your wealth, no dont slang crack and make your clientele black, Hov did it so you aint have to go thru that, a military brat my father was a sergeant, disciple was the only target, tired seein young brothers getting cast away by another young brothers gun blast and sprayed, now his caskets made, hes under 25, it’s a shame he aint even have a chance to be alive, we live fast, drink slow, die, and repeat, and only care about the brand thats on our feet, its a shame we so damn materialistic, we rent dont buy, I’m just bein realistic”

TroNikfuq (Modesto) – Errbody Loves Enn Eff “your whole crew bumps my shit, I’ll be a household name, I got skills so I’m out for fame, local entrepreneurs forget your greedy offers, just like Cobalt I sport my beanie proper, to avoid contact I cold chill piece like that, but you’ll never smooth tip off me, catch me in a better mood, Nikfuq with an attitude, straight out the West Coast, up and down Cali left MCs with less hope, reaching my Nirvana so call me junkman, I rip every show, I amaze and stun fans, Nikfuq will raise the roof, Rap City to Beirut guaranteed to blaze the booth, my song is exclusive, no need for mixtapes, every verse I spit deserves a milkshake, steppin to me makes you feel like a pessimist, Eric B served his time, Nikfuq for president”

Purp Reynolds (Stockton) – Crazy “I was reachin for the stars and landed in the clouds, like ‘wow’ this weeds so loud, smell it in the crowd and it got me bloodshot, seven-deuce lark parked on the thug block, niggas servin dub rocks, I dont do the dope game, I used to be a d-boy, now I just flow mane”

Broke (Stockton) – Olympus “these cats are tryin to blast at me, dont you know that its blasphemy, whats up with the Butch Cassidy tenacity when they comin after me, you know that shits a tragedy niggas think that they can battle me, dont you know I’ll happily convert your calvary into casualties, damn it seems I’m brandishing these fantasies and as we dream I’m canvassing this masterpiece from Stockton to the Kansas C”

Jabberjawz (Tracy) – Ghetto Dreams “I feel the scheme tryin to drown out my ghetto dream, lookin past it now no matter how far it seems, I cant let em get the best of me, and I’ll be doin this shit until the death of me, lookin far but I gotta over come and make you feel me like the Califonia sun, mic check 1-2, come and get some, the ghetto dream mixed up with ghetto wisdom, you know what time it is, you bout to get the biz, me and my dudes bout to show you who be runnin this, we got the ghetto dream, heavy metal team, and when we rock the spot, you know we runnin things”

Sont Himself (Modesto) – ColD World for Fishes in a Heated Pool “I turned up the temperature, this is a heater, lets play a game its called follow the leader, for all bottom feeders this is the perfect situation, I thought of this on drought so its pre-meditation, it’s a helpless sensation the one of a straggler, inspired by a movie so now youre a battler, well I’m a shatterer”

Tha Thurd (Merced) – Ugly Truth “adrenaline, ritalin, go and spit a riddle then you little men see me comin iller than, your favorite gangster rapper needs to tell his favorite rapper I dont think nobodys even tryin to listen man, tired of the gimmicks, they limit, the style, they fake, everybody wanna be Drake, see I drive it hard in the paint, doin all that it takes, keep my heart in the game”

Masked Avengers (Stockton) – Out of Tune “animal planet but we cant stand it, burnin up the bridges leavin all remained stranded, head full of chips and a fixed frozen face, electronic lips, its the chosen race, got a sweet tooth for the son of sam program, tweet and the beat, it’s the birth of a slow jam”

Deok (Stockton) – Just Like You “son we used to be like you, stay strong young kid you got a lot to learn, stay in school, remember the best things in life are earned, stay positive, I told you math would help you with your words, had dream to be like them, I just wanted to be like you”

Looney 209 (Delhi) – They Don’t Know “looks can be deceiving, if you only dig deeper youll find  out that my name isnt Spider or Creeper, no I dont whistle, sometimes I wear flannel, I can search the other networks not just the Spanish channels, I like other things not just beans and rice, even though that does sound nice, Tapatio in my cabinet, and tortillas in my fridge, Sabado Gigante ever since I was a kid, Pepe, Socorro, Maria, Chucha, got one in every family dont let the skin color fool ya, no im not illegal, no sombrero on my head, didn’t cross the Rio Grande I was born in Merced, Chicano is what I am and I say it with a smile, and yes, I know someone that can lay a tile”

Sam-Sin (Modesto) – Scotty Why’d You Do It? “they asked him ’Scotty did you do it? Scotty wouldn’t say, on April 14th they found her body in the bay, 20 minutes away from where Scott claimed to be, fishin that Christmas-eve, if you wanted Amber that badly, if you didn’t wanna be a daddy, you could of done something else, you can’t run from yourself, yeah it ended so sadly”

Talk to Strangers (Modesto) – The Come Up “from battlefronts to knowin exactly where we’re goin, wherever the winds blowin we’re flowin and never slowin, one moment is all it takes, we’re movin with no mistakes, the come-up is the project, Talk to Strangers, lets raise the stakes”


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  1. Broke got the most solid verse his rhyme scheme kills he hela funny on stage

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