Modesto’s “Cypher in the Park”

Hip-Hop is like the plant-life sprouting up in between the cracks of pavement. No matter what rules and regulations have been put into place, no matter how many cops are on the street, no matter how broke people become, Hip-Hop is going to sprout up and try to grow. That’s what happened when a group of youth got together and formed what became the “Cypher in the Park.” Here’s what they had to say:  

“Well I’m PlayNice. What’s up people?!? Cypher in the Park actually spawned from something we had going called Friday Night Cyphers which evolved from a little get together we had called The Dungeon Cyphers. We host our cyphers at Graceda Park, its right next to downtown, in the big white dome.

Mancini Bowl at Graceda Park, where the freestylers flow

We have it every Friday starting at 6pm. It never ends haha. The originators to Cypher in the Park are myself (PlayNice), Nozek the Roman (Formally known as Kez-1), Claytanic (Formally known as Inner G who was formally known as The Moldy MC), Stampede, and Maddoxx. We also had other friends that helped out such Dayna, Bex, Vernon, SleepyBoy Jr, Sam-Sin, etc. The way the Cypher works is that we show up with a boombox and get shit cracking! There is no set way for the cypher to work. It just does, and that’s the beauty of it. You never know what’s going to happen, who’s going to show up, if you’re going to get busted, whatever! It’s like a living thing! We’ve had numerous heads come through, and some to just give a shout out to, are everyone from Team Bad Company, Myth Krew, STDR/FRNK, FTL, NikFuq, J-Nasty, GawsOne, J.O.E., SleepyBoy Jr, and all the Graceada Kids for holding us down every Friday! We’re planning on merging Cypher in the Park with our local event Concert in the Park that the city hosts at Graceda.”

Nozek: “Keep Hip-Hop and its authentic elements alive. Don’t be ignorant to passionate great classic sounding Hip-Hop and conscious lyricism.”


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