Meet Me at the Capitol, It’s Going Down

The State Capitol is mostly useless, but once and a while it acts as the backdrop for real action…

Neo-Nazis get sent home, cops get sent to hospital – According to “On Monday, February 27th, over 100 counter-demonstrators turned out to shut down a Sacramento rally of white-


nationalist and fascist groups under the banner of the ‘South-Africa Project,’ a group which condemns attacks against white-farmers since the fall of Apartheid by non-white people. Appearing at the Capitol at around 11 AM, counter-demonstrators at first attempted to stop the group of mostly bald-headed white-men from marching onto the steps with banners and shields positioned between themselves and the racists. Unable to push through the police and to physically stop the group from entering the capitol lawn, the counter-demonstrators then gathered themselves on the sidewalk. Chanting “South-African, Indigenous, Rise Up and Resist,” “Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand,” the counter-protesters shouted down the racists for over an hour.


Around 2:30 PM, the police began to encircle the crowd of fascists, who numbers never were larger than 35-40, and began taking them towards a car garage outside of the Capitol lawn. Seizing the opportunity, the crowd of counter-demonstrators rushed to meet them head on in the street and for about 15 minutes had the racists stuck on the Capitol lawn while police attempted to figure out what they were doing. At this moment, many within the crowd took the opportunity to let loose a barrage of projectiles at the racists. Responding to the attack on the other side of the line, police then began attacking the anti-fascists with clubs. At one point, an attempted arrest by police was stopped when the crowd pulled the cop off their intended victim. Police did make 3 arrests during the melee and two police were hospitalized. We encourage everyone to lend support to our comrades facing charges. People also confronted the filth while they were in their cars, beating on their windows and doors when possible. In the least, people have shown that racists and fascists cannot walk our streets without resistance.”

72 protesters arrested after thousands rally for higher education Even Gov. Brown was able to understand a simple fact, as he said in a statement: “The students today are reflecting the frustrations of millions of Californians who have seen their public schools and universities eroded year after year.” Some other facts include that UCs now get more money from student fees and tuition than from the state, tuition for UCs and CSUs has tripled in the last 10 years, not counting books and other expenses, and now low-income students will find it harder to get financial aid thanks to Gov. Brown’s cut to the Cal Grant program. So it was no surprise when thousands of teachers, students, and supporters of education shut down several Sacramento city blocks as they marched to the state capitol on Monday, March 5th. Later in the day hundreds of protesters occupied the rotunda inside the capitol building, chanting while politicians looked down on them from their comfy offices above. Eventually over 100 California Highway Patrol officers moved in and began arresting people and taking them to Sacramento County jail.


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