Speaking of Discrimination, has anyone else seen the sign at the McDonald’s on 9th Street in Downtown Modesto? Not only are they blatantly saying ‘We won’t serve the homeless’ but they’re even being rude about it. It literally says “This is not a hangout” and “No Bags, No Large Back Packs” but at least it’s polite with “Thank You, Management.” Modesto has been consistently at the top of the lists of home foreclosures, unemployment, and decreased income, and now when you’re broke, homeless, and have nowhere to go, you can’t even get a cup of coffee or a 99 cent cheeseburger anymore. This type of heartless business mentality goes right along with the city’s current ‘war on the homeless’ which has sent the police out to the parks to harass, arrest, and to drive-out the homeless. The truth is we don’t need McDonalds, we can get cheap food at the taco trucks.                    BOYCOTT THE 9TH STREET MCDONALDS!!


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