The Renaissance Man: AGENT 85 of Juggernaut Records

RHHR: Introduce yourself. A85: My name is Bruce Bowers, CEO of Juggernaut Records, LLC and then some.  I use the moniker Agent 85 when I’m doing music and art.  But I don’t mind being known as both. 

RHHR: Who’s all in the Juggernaut crew? A85:  Juggernaut seems to go through a lot changes over the course of the years.  We’re about close to 4 years old now and have seen artists as well as business partners during that time.  For the most part though, Cheryl Allison (Lady Juggernaut), our in-house producer GeeO Supreme and myself pretty much stay on the roster.  You can still check four music from Lia, Johnnie Akrabat, Ghostly Samurai and myself however.

RHHR: Is everybody from the central valley area or from all over? A85: We work with people from all over and we are by no means bound to the Central Valley.  This is probably the most notable characteristic of Juggernaut. We are not bound to any one place.  I’ve got close (business) family from NY to CA and beyond!

RHHR: What’s your hip-hop experience been in Manteca, Stockton, & the Modesto area? A85: It’s been cool.  I am a lover of Hip Hop period.  I love when people do something creative and they own their own sound.  One thing the Central Valley hasn’t been able to shake is its similarities with the sound of the Bay Area.  Some cats I know do go against the grain, and I have much respect for them, like Cobalt, Holiday Debiase and William Hustle. 

RHHR: We know you are involved in a lot of stuff from internet radio to clothing, can you talk more about the many aspects of Juggernaut? A85: Wow, where do I begin… we have Juggernaut Records which is the music label.  Then we have our photography and behind the scenes video production with Media By CLA.  Our internet radio show is called Juggernaut Radio and it’s powered by  The animation studio (yup, we do animation projects) is called Juggernaut Animation Media Studios.  And finally, tying it all together is our promotional company Juggernaut Promotions.  (whew!)

RHHR: How do keep organized and multi-task with so many things? A85: We try to keep it one project at a time.  We only map out for the year exactly what we want to accomplish in-house.  Since we outsource ourselves to other private parties and corporations, this is definitely feasible.  The company’s income is based on these jobs and allows for us to execute whatever projects we wish to put out.  Cheryl and I work hand in hand to make sure we don’t drop the ball on any jobs, while I maintain most of the operations for the internal business.  (I better put in here that she handles most of the photography jobs – she’ll black widow me if I don’t).

RHHR: What does a typical busy productive day for Juggernaut LLC look like? A85: We used to be like… run run run!  But we’ve eased up a little.  It makes no sense to work toward a common goal and not enjoy life and family along the way.  There is a balance.  The day to day operation changes frequently.  I typically engineer Juggernaut Radio shows once every two weeks (my partner in Pompano Beach, FL GeeO handles the other two weeks out of the month so that we have a weekly broadcast on the station).  Cheryl may have a photography job to handle (all day) + edits and such.  With the two of us being full time employed, its tough… but we feel really good about what we do and by the end of the day, that’s what really counts!

RHHR: You did a radio show called “Occupy Hip-Hop,” what does that mean to you and how do we go about it? A85: Hip Hop to me is the thing we have left to communicate ideas and information on a level that everyone it involves can relate to.  The one thing that draws people to Hip Hop more than any other music is that you can (for the most part) freely express truths, experiences and knowledge and somebody is gonna give you an amen.  The one thing that Hip Hop has gotten away from is originality.  The art is now disposable.  Hot track.  Hot hook.  Hot production kit.  Boooorrriiinnngggg…. Let me see somethin’ else.  Something that defines YOU!  So I’m putting out a challenge to every artist to stop letting corporations dictate to us the kind of music we create.  Create your own lane.  Let’s own the music again.  OCCUPY HIP HOP! 

RHHR: What’s in the immediate future, any shows coming up or albums coming out? A85: Most definitely!  We have my long awaited sophomore project coming out called “85 Confidential” which I’m finishing up (the music and songs are done, there are some other elements that I’m working on including in the whole package).  Plus, we will be campaigning past Juggernaut artist’s releases from myself, Lia, Johnnie Akrabat and The Juggernaut Project.  These albums have been released, but not too many people know about them.  So I will be relaunching them to the masses.  We’ve been really involved in business technology as of late and working within the motion picture industry – so Juggernaut is still busy in the entertainment industry.  Also, look for more animation from us including in-house projects like Teenz N Titez and outside projects like Heavy Knucklez.

RHHR: How can people stay tuned into Juggernaut? A85: That’s the easy part!  Just connect with us at at least once a month.  I usually post anywhere from 8-10 articles on updates of everything we are doing.  Also, check for our radio show every Saturday at 2pm PST/ 5pm EST on  Our show kicks off Hip Hop Saturdays every Saturday.  Check for our past shows as well. We have them available on itunes or you can go to to download the free podcasts. Oh yeah, check for me personally at  That’s where I update you with everything going on with my personal projects.

RHHR: Anything else you want to say to the RHHReaders? A85: Most definitely. I hope you all take the time to check us out.  We are not your typical music label by any definition.  The scene of entertainment is changing and we have more power and say than ever before.  Do the knowledge and take advantage.  Thank you for the interview as well.  And yes, I am a subscriber at RHHR,org!  Keep us posted with what you guys are doing as well.


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