RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” Winter 2011/12

This issue’s Rolas are courtesy of LIL PROLE of the Modesto Anarcho Crew

J Dilla – Fuck the Police “we could lose a few of em, we got enuff of em, my niggas on the corner they be dodgin & duckin em, bitches gettin pulled over & end up fuckin em, for real, & see now we got these fake cops, they thought he had a gun, made a mistake cops, I hate cops, turn on the TV, what is this? another cop busted for illegal business, they outta control, they outta they mind, they pullin you over, they hoppin inside”

Thurz – Fuck the Police “they racial profile, black, you a step child, 9-1-1, dont dial, dont smile, a cop will shoot you in the back of ya head, put your face on the ground, Oscar Grant you permission to die, mistaken phone for a gun probably the reason why, we got innocent blood thats spilt on the street, while the media keep it tuck on discreet, a cop can kill a man & get off for free, dont talk about justice, nigga look, it just is”

Lowkey – Terrorist? “Lumumba was democracy, Mossadegh was democracy, Allende was democracy, hypocrisy, it bothers me, call you terrorists if you dont wanna be a colony, we used to bow down to a policy of robbery, is terrorism my lyrics? when more Vietnam vets kill themselves after the war than died in it? this is very basic, one nation in the world has over a thousand military bases, they say its religion, when clearly it isn’t, its not just Muslims that oppose your imperialism, is Hugo Chavez a Muslim? nah, I didnt think so, is Castro a Muslim? nah, I didnt think so, its like the definition didnt ever exist I guess its all just depending who your nemesis is, irrelevant how eloquent the rhetoric peddler is, theyre telling fibs, now tell us who the terrorist is, theyre calling me a terrorist, like they dont know who the terror is”

The Turf Chick, Finest, & Ice City Dev – Fuck the Police “the whole justice system is a joke, so its ninas & 40s that I tote, sayin this violence they provoke, cuz the innocent blacks they assault, so thats why I say fuck em”

Promoe – Murda Murdoch “myspace is time wasted, Im wasted  can’t take it, any further word up, more hits is more ads its more shit thats more cash, thats why I wanna murder Murdoch”

Willy Northpole – Back to Mexico “‘back to Mexico’ thats what the law says, but deep down inside they want us all dead, its racial profiling, the devils steppin in, welcome to Arizona, but dont be Mexican, thats why I say we march, thats why I say we fight, cuz even Malcolm X was tired of bein nice…dont want to help the homeless, dont wanna heal the sick, just harass the people who help build the shit, Barack where you at? the white clown house? move to Arizona, live in the brown house, live in the black house, next to the crack house, oh yeah bring Michele, ill bring the facts out”

The Insects – Fuck the Police “cowboys & Indians, power hungry blue suit badge wearin facist, I know you think its major fun to shock the livin shit out of someone with a taser gun, ”

Young Jeezy – Crazy World“I really aint buying all that bullshit they selling me, when the government throwin more curves than the letter C, I said the letter C I guess thats for correctional, they tryin to box me in, sit me still like a vegetable, god damn another trap, I think Bush is tryin punish us, send a little message out to each and every one of us, real G shit, boy thats really unheard of, when you get more time for sellin dope than murder, in this crazy world”

Dr. Dre, RBX, & the Dogg Pound – The Day the Niggaz Took Over “laugh now but cry much later, ya see when niggas get together they get mad cuz they can’t fade us, like my niggas from South Central, Los Angeles, they found that they couldnt handle us, bloods, crips on the same squad with the eses helpin, nigga its time to rob & mob, & break the white man off somethin lovely, I don’t love dem so them cant love me, yo straight puttin it down gettin my scoot on, its jumpin off in Compton so I gots to get my loot on”

Lil Boosie & Webbie – Fuck the Police

Roach Gigz – Pop Off


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