R.I.P. Ricky Miranda

Submitted by a local high school student: “Inspired by my childhood friend Ricky Miranda, who was recently shot by an off duty police officer in Modesto, may god bless his soul…

police sirens, expect more violence
dont turn your back youll never open your eyelids
the men in blue unaccountable for their actions
peacemakers out here prevent peace from happenin
but they stay in the clear fabricatin what happened 
flash those lights, criminals of the night 
wearin the badge when you the ones takin the lives
label us thieves when you the one stealin our rights
put on the streets to serve and protect
but they killin a civilian every chance they get
draw on me mr officers meetin his death
my strap is the only security i have left

cops watchin me while im watchin the cops 
to make sure there’s a witness when his shots go off

if i was on my back would they Oscar Grant me
how much longer we gotta deal with police brutality
they exhaust our freedom, devalue democracy
remain on the street cause they decide what happened at the scene
rallies, riots, nothin gets the problem solved
whats it gonna take to make the fuzz to do their job
apparently theyre servants of the people

if that were true how are we so unequal

if it was my world racists would be in the locks
pigs would be the ones gettin hit by shots
sick kids around the world would be seein docs
the fight for world peace would be near a stop”

Submit your raps, rhymes, rants, and artwork to RHHRorg@live.com


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