Dr. Dre Caught Up in the Fight to Keep Videotaping Cops Legal

20 years ago Rodney King was brutally beaten by police..It was shocking and caught on film, folks just knew the officers were going to jail.. It was a slam dunk. Who could refute the evidence?  My how times have changed..or have they? Fast forward to the Oscar Grant murder which was also caught on film and you tell me...by Davey D for daveyd.com – Looks like Dr Dre is on trial in Michigan Supreme Court for ‘illegally’ videotaping a police officer, this is not cool! Police are public officials but they been pushing to make it so you videotaping them while they are doing their duty is a privacy violation…The Dr Dre case has been in the works since 2000, but now it’s on the steps of Michigan Supreme Court. Sadly it could set a precedent for other cases involving citizens taping the police…

The bottom line is most police unions do not want the bad behavior of their members to be displayed on YouTube, DVDs & other outlets.. They don’t want to erode public trust and confidence. As long as their doing dirt in so-called crime ridden communities which they depict as exclusively Black and Brown, the law and order types who dominate our airwaves give them a wink and a nod to abuses.. To avoid having to answer to egregious cases many police outlets have successfully gotten laws passed in several states making it illegal to videotape them.

Meanwhile, far too many of us are more concerned about drama at the Golden Globes, or what went down on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, than we are about these encroachments on our civil liberties. ..

The real beef is not Lil Kim vs Foxy Brown vs whoever.. The real beef is with those who oppress us. Turn your attention to Dr Dre vs the police in today’s Michigan Supreme Court hearings.. That’s the battle ground. That’s where the real beef is at.

Two years ago in Oakland, CA the police chased down an ABC camera man & threatened to beat his ass for taping them.. The man had been working almost 30 years, but said he felt scared after the police came at him for filming them standing in front of a hospital after 4 officers had been killed. He wound up quitting and suing OPD..

There’s another journalist in Oakland named J.R. Valrey who was out taking pictures during the first Oscar Grant demonstrations. He’s long been outspoken about the police and wound up being tackled and falsely accused of setting garbage can on fire. His case was acquitted but the police kept his $1,500 camera.

I think we’re so overwhelmed with police abuse that we’ve simply given up when we hear them complaining about being videotaped. The only way things are reversed is if we keep up our awareness..

Pay close attention to the Dr Dre case.

Keep videotaping police legal! Videotape police when you see them doing dirt in your neighborhood! Contact modestocopwatch@live.com and go CopWatching with other community members.


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