An Interview with Roc Rolla of Pen-Point Entertainment

Wutz goin on in the World of Roc Rolla & Pen-Point Entertainment?

Right now Pen-Point Ent (Roc Rolla & Miss P) is getting ready for a couple shows we have lined up in stockton. We also have my boy Tipz who is signed to Pen-Point getting ready to drop his album.  As far as Roc Rolla I actually went back to school and stepped up my game on protools ,final cut and logic pro. Now your boy be getting down making videos using green screen, helping artist finish their projects, and recording sporting events.

How long u been in the Central Valley?

I’ve been in the Valley since I was 7, off and on. Me and moms moved out here from Fairfield cuz it was getting crazy out there, your boy ended up in group homes and ended up living all over California. When I turned 18 I packed my bags and was on my own. I don’t know what it was, but something always drew me back to the Valley. Hold on I know what it was, I always could get money out here, haha! (4real) 

How did u lose your right arm?

I lost it at the age of 12. I had broke it, got it put in a cast, and somehow got gang green while in the cast. We went back to the doctor becuz we knew something wasn’t right and I ended up the “one hand man.” I always hear people talking about war stories and scars, let me tell you there’s few things worse than losing one of your limbs, being poor, and still having to survive in the hood, NOT THE BIZNESS!

Wutz ur favorite part about makin music?

Music is my release. I can honestly say it’s the one thing that’s better than bustin a nut or getting money. If you really want to know me just listen to my music. First and foremost I make music for me and I would never lie to myself. I also love the connections music allows us to make with people. When people hear the music me and my lady is making they give respect becuz its that real and real always recognize real.

Wut do u like to do when ur not makin music?

Lately I’ve been doing sports videos. It’s crazy becuz I started doing editing when Pen-Point had an underground music show on Comcast and fell in love with it. Not as much as music but a real close second. The only reason I even started was our producer of the show was moving to LA to make videos down there and I didn’t want to see the show die. Your boy didn’t know nothing about computers or editing but I had that passion and it didn’t come out bad. I think the first person we had on the show was my boy Cob@lt at the first Indie Fest at the Fat Cat, Besides that me and Miss P been raising our daughter, she’s 5 months and the reason I push so hard every day.

If u could only have one album to listen to over and over again for the rest of ur life, wut would it be?

Ah man, that’s a hard question. I would have to say DMX, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood.” Simply becuz when that album came out it was exactly how I was living, like dude was over my shoulder seeing what I was seeing. I listen to that album and it reminds where I’ve been and far I’ve come. 

Ur an MJC student, wut do u think about the recent school budget cuts that came down?

The new budget cuts was bullshit, and that’s the nicest word I can use. This dude straight cut everything but AG. Not to knock all the farmers out there with their cows and shit but come on dude, 4real? The college spent over 30 million like 4 years ago and had all the newest radio, television, and recording equipment you could think of and he simply cut it all, WOW! Your boy was up there at the college using $2000 cameras, brand new Protools HD with any mic you could think of. He need his ass beat.

How do u plan on using ur schooling & education to further ur art?

I use my schooling every day, if its banging out a new song in Protools or filming us performing, school helped your boy do it right. Not bad for a hood boy who, up until a couple years ago, could barely turn a computer on and that’s real. It also helps me give back, now I get calls from cats who have Protools and really don’t know how to work it. Man, I go over there, in 5minutes I got them sounding better and smarter about using their own shit. And that’s what it’s about, learning something and giving it to my youngsters so we all can be better. If you’re reading this and you need some help with Protools or videos hit your boy up, I got you!

Wutz comin up in the immediate future, any albums droppin or performances we should check out?

Right now we have a couple upcoming shows in Stockton on June 18, 2011 at the Stockton Juneteenth Festival. Also in Stockton we’ll be at the Soulfood Festival on August 13, 2011. We always have upcoming events, stay posted and enjoy the music. Hope to see you there…

How do people find out more about you?

You can hit us up at or if you wanna hear our music hit us up at or

Anything else to share with the RHHReaders?

Pen-Point Entertainment is serious. We ain’t just another label with cats who think they can rap or sing. We got vets over here, people who lived hard lives and wanna use music as the way out. Those struggles have made us family and having the odds against us have given us passion. If I haven’t let losing one of my arms stop me I don’t see anything that will. People talk about that hunger for more, you haven’t seen hunger ‘til you meet us, Roc Rolla (tha1handman) Miss P and Tipz…


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