The Fourcast, Sole Miners, & ILL CRW: Lodi Hip-Hop

If you find yourself stuck in Lodi again, don’t panic, they have Hip-Hop there too! The Fourcast/Sole Miners/ILL CRW

So who is all in the group? The Fourcast consists of: 1derI (mc/producer), Realize (mc), Eger (mc/limo driver), and Slyt (mc/producer).

You recently changed the groups name from ILL CRW to The Fourcast, what was the reason for the change? The reason we changed the name was because ILL CRW consists of about 8 people; it was hella hard to get everyone together to make music, rock shows… and a couple fools fell off too, so we broke it down to the four of us that created the Fourcast, but shit… it’s even hard to keep 4 of us together, let alone 8!

What’s crackin up in Lodi? Is there a Hip-Hop scene up there or is it just you guys? Not really… There’s a few people out here who make a lot of trendy rap shit but it’s different from what we’re doin. As far as shows go there aren’t any venues or bars that are down to throw real hip hop events around here… the scene is kinda thin.

Are you all originally from Lodi? How did you guys meet and start a group? 1derI was born, raised, and resides in Lodi – Realize was born in the Bay but moved to Lodi when he was real young (currently living in Stockton) – Eger was born in Stockton and bounced all around Northern Cali growin up (currently livin in roseville) – Slyt was born and raised in Stockton and recently moved back home after graduating from Sonoma State University. 1derI, Eger, and Slyt had a crew back in high school called Denots2; all 3 of us grew up around each other starting in elementary school (even though we all didn’t attend the same schools) and always had a passion for hip hop -later 1deri was introduced to Realize (who happens to be Eger’s cousin) and began making music under a crew named Parasights. The four of us were all later part of ILL CRW prior to branching off into the Fourcast.

Have you released an official album as The Fourcast or is that still in the works? So…we had started workin on a Fourcast album but that’s currently on the back burner – in the meantime, Slyt and 1derI have been workin together on a project under the name Sole Miners – look for that to drop this upcoming summer.

Have your styles and content changed since you first got started? First of all, a real artist is always evolving their style – progression is our main goal, trying to never stay stagnant. We make music with a message but somethin you can also bob your head to. Whether it’s our beat or rhymes, we try to cover all areas of life with our music; from politics to storytelling, or just kickin it with the homies gettin lifted and spittin freestyles. We’re all tryin to grow you know?

Where do you see the future of the group going, the forecast of the Fourcast? The Fourcast will always be around even if we don’t put out an album in the next decade.  The Fourcast is family – we’re all goin to keep makin music whether it’s together or focusing more on solo/side projects like Sole Miners or Parasights… it’s all Fourcastic.

If there was one MC (dead or alive) you could get on a track with who would it be? Without a doubt EYEDEA. The most influential artist, MC, and person we’ve ever met. It’s a shame that more people have never been introduced to his music, and an even bigger shame that most who have don’t even know he’s dead. This guy did it all…REAL freestyle battles, beat production, mixing/mastering his own albums, breaking…he was a self-taught musician, definition of a real artist; may he rest in peace.

How does the city of Lodi, and your crew, feel about the classic Credence Clearwater song “Lodi”? LAUGHS…that was one of the first songs we’ve ever sampled! We made a tack called “Stucc in Lodi” back when we were runnin with Denots2. It’s a classic song, pretty shitty situation…

Whats your favorite aspect of Hip-Hop and your involvement in it? As a crew it’s hard to pick out one single element of such a diverse culture…1derI embraces freestyling like no other, Slyt loves choppin up samples and breaking down so many different genres of music to create something fresh, something new…Realize enjoys performing, that live energy you can’t get anywhere else…and Eger likes to deface public property, more-so than the rest of us. This diversity within us is what makes the Fourcast somethin pure, somethin solid.

How can folks find out more about the Fourcast, Sole Miners, and ILL CRW? A website is currently being constructed – keep your eyes on the Fourcast @ until that comes together. Be on the look-out for Sole Miners on myspace/facebook as well and for Sole Miners debut album “TIME WELL WASTED” to drop this summer. Also, be on the lookout for Deok’s upcoming solo album to drop real soon called “Where My Hearts At” which features both 1derI and Realize. 1deri has also spit verses on the upcoming albums of Nikfuq and M4D. We’d like to thank RHHR for the interview, shout outs to Cobalt, Nikfuq, Deok, M4D, Mind1 and the rest of the local underground hip hop scene for all the support.


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