Stanislaus County Radical Mental Health

Stanislaus County Radical Mental Health is a grassroots/direct action group of (anti) political antagonists who see an urgent need for addressing emotional and mental crises in the radical community (and abroad). “Mad’icals” are particularly vulnerable to trauma in general life & at the hands of the state, which too frequently leads to individual burn-out and fragmentation of the community. We are committed to helping empower people to negotiate the sustainability of their Madicalism, and encouraging mutual and community-based support grounded in compassionate solidarity, rather than paternalistic intervention. Our goal is to open discussion about alternatives to the current “mental health” system, to provide resources, and to inspire dialogue about unconventional states of consciousness and psychological well being. Many of us have been or are “clients” of the “mental health” system (5150’s), some more willingly than others, and in that context some of us have been “diagnosed” with psychiatric labels. We hold different opinions about the validity of those diagnoses, and about the diversity of our states of minds, but we are firmly united in the belief that the system that claims to care for people labeled “mentally ill” is in need of revolutionary change.

We are interested in the autonomous transformation through self-managing our own lives without the support of the State (or little with) or any other authoritative & coercive institutions. We do not call ourselves “Mentally Ill”, “Consumers”, or even Patients or Clients. Language is important to us & creates stigmas. We’re interested in meeting others that think the same way we do (and of course, others who don’t).

We believe it’s more empowering to rise above conditions set upon us, ourselves.


Categories: Central Valley News, Drug War/Laws, Health Issues


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