RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” Winter 2010/11

Dead Prez – Malcolm, Garvey, Huey “Malcolm, Garvey, Huey, Bunchy, Bobby, Pac, and Tookie, sitting by the door, so you can say I’m acting spooky, just like in the movie, son, you better pack a tooley, niggas squeamish, acting fruity or be cracking like they Pookie, rather smoke a doobie than be burning and the looting, bang bang, pig shooting, we should blame Rudy Giuli, banging for the cameras, China white and  nose candy, unless you’re banging on the system, you’re a gangsta wearing panties, R.B.G. my family from the Bronx to Miami, police cannot stand me packing y’all like a manny, call me Little Bobby Hutton cuz I’m first to push the button, rappers don’t be saying nothing, to the system we say fuck em, I study Malcolm, Garvey, Huey”

Outkast – Gasoline Dreams “don’t everybody like the smell of gasoline? well burn motherfucka, burn American Dreams, don’t everybody like the taste of Apple Pie? we’ll snap for your slice of life, I’m tellin ya why, I hear that mother nature’s now on birth control, the coldest pimp be looking for somebody to hold, the highway up to heaven got a crook on the toll, youth full of fire ain’t got nowhere to go”

The Grouch – Artsy (Edit Remix) “you ain’t  artsier than me, cuz you shop at whole foods in open-toed shoes, you ain’t artsier than me, cuz you speak real soft and drink chai tea, you ain’t artsier than me, I recycle too, I’m kinda like you, I just look cleaner, grown demeanor, wear deodorant, registered voter and a tree hugger too, not in these clothes, me lovin you but it’s gotta be both ways, most days I’m earthy, stay grounded, often it’s a paper chase, I’m well rounded, straight to face, it’s all boundless, I’ll make a sound universally dope, overcome adversity, reshape the worst of me, do it for the love and release it commercially, like a blockbuster started at Sundance, you can’t stop man you only get one chance, presentation is key, hesitation ain’t me, innovation is my A-R-T, dedication is free, occupation is me, innovation is my A-R-T”

Eyedea & Abilities – Smile “ear to ear as if that’s all I’m here for, despite the wars founded by the rich, funded by the poor, kids barely 18 are dying so billionaires can make more, elsewhere hungry mothers watch their babies starve to death in a beat up shack on a dirt floor, the aged professor quotes ‘freedom’s without a path’ now he dresses like a widow and preaches ‘love is dead’ in every class, but curiosity killed the cat and taught the dog in him how to act and it burned his bridge to Jill so he tries to drown the guilt with a bottle of Jack, self proclaimed rebels say ‘we must oppose the system, you gotta take a stand, if you’re not against them you’re with them’ signs read ‘support the troops bring ‘em home, no more innocent victims’ but when a homeless veteran asks for spare change you’re too busy protesting to even listen, and I’m no different, I live in conflict and contradiction”

Ice Cube – Hood Robbin “I got to get out, I’m getting put out of my house, I got to pack up, my refrigerator and couch, it’s a set up, but the bank wants me out, or the LAPD will smoke me out, this adjustable rate, it choked me out, they gave me a loan and I had no clout, they gave me a house, for me and my spouse, call my momma and my aunt, y’all should re-finance, I let them dance with the devil, dig their own grave and I gave them the shovel, fuck my daddy built that house and when he got drunk he almost killed that house, is this the American Dream or the American Scheme? that got me walking in these American streets? its kinda sad when you have to get a hernia, cuz you help your grandmamma move her furniture, you know I heard they hood robbin, your money or your life and there ain’t no stopping, ain’t that a bitch, when you got to steal from the poor, and give to the rich”

K’Naan – What’s Hardcore? “if I rhyme about home and got descriptive, I’d make 50 Cent look like Limp Bizkit, it’s true, and don’t make me rhyme about you, I’m from where the kids is addicted to glue, get ready, he got a good grip on the machete, make rappers say they do it for love like R-Kelly, it’s hard, harder than Harlem and Compton intertwined, we begin our day by the way of the gun, rocket propelled grenades blow you away if you front, we got no police, ambulances, or fire fighters, we start riots by burning car tires, they lootin, and everybody starts shootin”

Scarface & Ice Cube – Hand of the Dead Body “you punk niggas make me sick, suckin on the devil’s dick, scared of revolution, need to start douching, Houston is the place I caught a case, them motherfuckas tried to put a scar on my face, but I bust two times to the gut, to the Reverend Calvin Butts, gotta pair of nuts? I started this gangsta shit in ’86, now you dissin me for publicity, isn’t he a hoe to the third degree, who me? I’m a G who likes to scrap-a-lot, down with Rap-A-Lot and I can’t stop, won’t stop, so fuck Bill and Hillary, Ice Cube their ain’t no killin me”

Woodie – A Matter of Time “rebellious attitude with no gratitude for America, where Uncle Sam’s plan for the poor is war or a pair of cuffs, this country doesn’t care for us, time to become aware and trust nothin that’s presented by government sponsored media, spendin more money on prisons and wars than on schools and makin up their own rules as they play us for fools, strippin our weapons and tools, that could be used to fight back against tyrannical rule, when civil rights been hijacked, it’s like that, you disagree? explain this to me, Natives were raped and robbed but ain’t taught in school history, they skip over the misery if it benefits their propaganda, hope I live to see the day all righteous souls unite and stand up, strapped up takin shots at cops if that’s what’s needed, kill a few before my life is lost and I’ve succeeded in helpin to overthrow a system out of control, it’s just a matter of time before the battle unfolds”

La Coka Nostra & B-Real – I’m an Americanbreaking laws, now he’s a felon, the system is flawed, praying to God every day of this life fighting the odds, he wants a piece of the pie, the gleam in his eye, American dream in his mind, led him astray in his stride, inside of a cell, he put his whole family through hell, broken apart, breaking his mother’s heart, he started in school when he was on the path to losing his mind, whatever happened to ‘no child gets left behind?’ just another slogan, I’m hoping that you can comprehend, I’m born to struggle, I’m an American”

Psycho Realm/Sick Symphonies – In this Lifetime “it all started in the Mexican streets, and ended up in east L.A. blocks that’s where the love was released, me and Doob, world products of those immigrant antique ways, where men are men and the cowards stay back seat, and last thing, street education my dad teached, it ain’t the gangs in the hood but the cops that harassed me”

Nas & Damian Marley – Nah Mean? “fifth floor, cooking raw, had my own supply, cuz of capitalist ways, that was back in the days, so now I do rap and it pays”

DLabrie & the Hip-Hop Congress All-Stars – The Verdict (Oscar Grant) “how can it be, no sympathy for Meserle, thought it was a taser? community can’t let it be, Oscar G. gone, rest in peace to the family, I was out of town but I still felt the energy, hit my nig JR from the P.O.C.C. to get the verdict, couldn’t even believe what I heard, shit, involuntary manslaughter? what about my nigga’s daughter? suckas rally for this pig, they wanna start another Watt’s riot? the cops is in full gear, almost shed a tear, he took a life, got a couple years”   

Immortal Technique, Chino XL, & Crooked I – Lick Shots “hip-hop is not Republican, that’s just the white motherfuckers that own the publishin, and get the fuck out, if you want the foreigners gone, I paint the White House black and park my car on the lawn, marry a Muslim girl and fuck her five times a day, every time right before we shower and pray, you damn right the AK symbolizes jihad, but a holy war is a conversation with God, you bitch niggaz misinterpret what you don’t understand, stackin the wrong signs and end up, shootin your man, shootin each other, shootin your brother, aim the gun at the right motherfucker”

Sam-Sin – Scotty Why’d You Do It? “they asked him ’Scotty did you do it? Scotty wouldn’t say, on April 14th they found her body in the bay, 20 minutes away from where Scott claimed to be, fishin that Christmas-eve, if you wanted Amber that badly, if you didn’t wanna be a daddy, you could of done something else, you can’t run from yourself, yeah it ended so sadly”

Promoe – Time Travelin “because just the other week I was shoveling snow, that ain’t no figure of speech to say I’m smuggling blow, now I’m in tropical heat where people struggling so ,they in deep, pack heat, straight thuggin it yo”

Street Sweeper Social Club – Promenade “FBI comin round the outside, which one of us finna die tonight? is we finna fight over crumbs to bite, or make a whole muthafuckin world Ignite? everybody throw them blows, right upside your partner’s nose, by now you’ve got bloody clothes, crabs in the barrel, so the story goes, think of all their savage acts, grabbin scratch from average cats, bureaucrats with strings attached, walk in place, light the match, two by two promenade, duck from a B1 bomber raid, ain’t bout the plans Osama made, banks get paid off petrol trade, circle 8, do-si-do, how much cash could a o-z grow? til all are fed and all have beds, my skin is Black, my star is red”


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