Revolutionary Hip-Hop has a Home in Sacramento: Sol Collective

Established in 2003, Sol Collective is a community based partnership whose unique mission is to use art, education, and technology as a didactic medium to create mobilization and community empowerment. The Sol Collective Arts, Culture, and Education center is a 3,200 square foot community space located in Sacramento hosting art exhibitions, multimedia workshops, apprentice/mentorship programs, and community forums. In addition, the space is available for local organizations that provide service and advocacy within the fields of social justice and youth development. Much more than the physical building, Sol Collective is the devoted team of community members, activists, educators, and volunteers that kept the organizational vision after a devastating fire that destroyed the previous community center in 2008. Sol Collective has been able to continue their mission with the support of local schools, community centers, sponsors, and volunteers through re-opening the new center in February 2010. From


 “Art has always been an effective form of communication. As grass roots organizers hip hop, graffiti, and the arts have been effective forms of expressing our struggles, our solutions as well as tool for educating youth on our history and looking for ways to better our community. At Sol Collective the arts are used as tools for education and resistance against injustice.” -Estella Sanchez, Director

Sol Collective is an amazing community space that I have personally seen change lives. It provides people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures a space to come together to do positive. Sol is a space where diversity is celebrated while promoting our human essence for, ‘with all things and in all things, we are relatives’ -Sioux Proverb. SOL offers an array of shows, discussions, lectures, workshops and classes. We are youth-focused. While hip-hop culture has existed for generations, it is a culture that youth identify with, and a way in which our events target youth to promote art, culture and activism.” -Jasmine Aleman, organizer of Sol’s Immigration Forums & the Sol Activist School

“Man, KRS One said it, “Her Infinite Power – Helping Oppressed People” That’s Sol Collective… Sol is Sacramento’s answer of what a Conscious Hip-Hop scene should be.  On a regular, the hood has in its weekly shows a grip of dope artists. Yo, at every show Ciphers! all the Elements of the Culture – from Emceeing, to Breaking, DJing and a variety of styles of Graff etc… it promotes local youth’s talents to grow – it doesn’t suffer from the inflated egos we see in hip-hop at a mainstream level. Real Talk – there is an small Activist School there and a variety of programs educating the community of the power of the verse… the power of community mobilization and conscious ART… “Bigger that Hip-Hop”! Personally some of the locals stuff I appreciate the most… cuz those are the people we live with, Emcees like Random Abilities, Tribe of Levi, ARAB, Task1, Cash Dreed, Mahtie Bush and Mad love for all my gente in Mentes Diferentes!” -Steven Payan, Sacramento-area Activist & Emcee


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