Micheal Larsen (11/9/81-10/16/10), known by his stage name Eyedea, was a well-known freestyle battle champion and underground rapper. For much of his youth, Eyedea lived with his mother, Kathy, just east of Downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he attended Highland Park Senior High School.

Eyedea became known as a battle emcee, touring the circuit between 1997 and 2001. During this time he won top prizes at Scribble Jam ’99, the Rock Steady Anniversary 2000, and Blaze Battle New York 2000. He contributed a track to the anticon. compilation, Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop. Additionally, he toured extensively as second emcee and support DJ for Atmosphere. In 2001, he released First Born with his partner DJ Abilities (collectively, they were initially called the Sixth Sense, but they are now known as Eyedea & Abilities). In 2002, under his pen name “Oliver Hart”, he released the self-produced The Many Faces of Oliver Hart. In 2004, he and Abilities reunited to release the self-titled album E&A (released March 23, 2004).

 All of Eyedea’s releases have been on the Rhymesayers record label, with the exception of Carbon Carousel’s “The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking”, which was released on his own independent label, Crushkill Recordings. He was signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, and collaborated with Slug of the underground hip hop group Atmosphere, as well as Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, and Blueprint. After Eyedea released “This Is Where We Were,” he created Carbon Carousel, an alternative rock band. They have released one EP titled “The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking”. This brought on speculation that Eyedea & Abilities were no longer together. However, in August 2007, the duo announced on their Myspace that they would be at the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop performing old songs, as well as new material. In December 2007, Eyedea & Abilities embarked upon their Appetite for Distraction Tour with Crushkill labelmate Kristoff Krane and Minnesotan duo Sector7G. The summer of 2009 saw Eyedea & Abilities joining the touring hip hop festival Rock the Bells, performing alongside such acts as Sage Francis, Evidence, M.O.P. and the Knux.

Eyedea died in his sleep on October 16, 2010. He was found dead by his mother, according to friends. Cause of death was released November 18, 2010 and ruled an accident, from opiate toxicity, according to the Ramsey County medical examiner’s office. The specific drugs found in Larsen’s system have not been revealed to the public. (wikipedia.org)


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