Join the Hip-Hop on Lockdown Correspondence Connection

The Hip-Hop on Lockdown Correspondence Connection is a pen-pal program that was started by Hip-Hop enthusiasts serving time in Pelican Bay State Penitentiary in Crescent City as a way to discuss and debate Hip-Hop, politics, and other topics with people on the outside. You are free to write as much or as little and you want, it will be a safe exchange, and giving your home address to your pen-pal is optional. Your pen-pal can send their letters to our P.O. Box and we can forward them to you. A packet of information about writing to prisoners and tips on ways to open up communication will be provided. If you would like to create a dialogue with a Pelican Bay inmate who is interested in Hip-Hop, music, books, magazines, politics, philosophy, knowledge,  etc… please contact us.

A letter from Mutawally, a Pelican Bay S.H.U. inmate and co-founder of the H.H.L.C.C.

“R.H.H.R.’s Hip-Hop on Lockdown Correspondence Connection is a program that was created and developed to bring the Hip-Hop international communication and support network to the Hip-Hop incarcerated community. The “Hip-Hop incarcerated,” their life, and culture have become part of today’s central discussions. Even going into 2011 we’re still living within a society where the cultural “Hip-Hop folks” are constantly portrayed as criminals, intellectually inferior, and devoid of any moral values. Often times the Hip-Hop incarcerated are used to validate these negative images. We comprehend the power behind images and disagree with the social hypothesis as it pertains to the nature and character of the Hip-Hop incarcerated community. We believe that these negative-based images become our reality when there is little or no control over our own Hip-Hop images. Our goal is to express and show our perfect love through the Correspondence Connection, emphasizing and sharing Hip-Hop ideas, educational subjects, social projects that are designed to counter recidivism. We stand in active solidarity with all revolutionary Hip-Hop forces in the building and advancement of the traditional struggles of our captured Hip-Hop soldiers detained in the concentration camps of California and the whole of the U.S. Empire. The aim and objectives of the Correspondence Connection is to increase and rally our support behind the outstanding Hip-Hop personalities that are incarcerated, bring Hip-Hop awareness through correspondence, uniting our efforts together, thinking together, and working together. We enact this purpose by means of “Hip-Hop Service Learning.” Hip-Hop Service Learning is the teaching and sharing of Hip-Hop concepts, thoughts, theories, practices, strategies, and tactics that encourage and improve prisoner’s skills and the ability to become productive citizens once returned to their neighborhood-based communities. The R.H.H.R. and the prisoners of the Hip-Hop on Lockdown Correspondence Connection sincerely hope to establish an encouraging line of communication with those of you who want a better tomorrow for the Hip-Hop image. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this program please write to: The R.H.H.R. P.O. Box 3027 Modesto, CA 95353 or”

In closing, there is always a need for donated contributions, books, Hip-Hop magazines, writing tablets, and embossed envelopes. We urge people to write us for more information on how you can become an active part of the correspondence connection. Pelican Bay Inmate Art^^^


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