Hip-Hop Congress is in Session at Stockton’s Delta College

“I recognized Hip Hop’s cultural influence and I wanted to positively and proactively contribute to its legacy in Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley. My goals for the Hip Hop Congress at Delta College were to introduce the whole Hip Hop culture to the city. Coming in, we had some opposition because of the reputation of Hip Hop had that was created by negative stereotypes being reinforced by many popular artists in the city. We worked hard to promote the original principles and elements of the culture and I’m glad to say we’ve made ground. Now, we are focusing on getting the college chapter on a solid foundation for future growth. We also plan to branch out and establish chapters at other universities or colleges and hopefully high schools throughout the city as well. The long-term ultimate goal is to establish an off-campus fully functioning non-profit organization under the Hip Hop Congress name that will serve as a clearinghouse for all the other chapters throughout the Valley.” Ahmad Majid, Delta College HHC founding member

“Hip Hop Congress is an organized network of individuals who share ideas and consciousness towards building a sustainable future for local communities through collective support of the arts, entrepreneurialism, education, and youth mentorship. Without a model of healthy social interaction, American culture in particular easily loses sight of the long-term benefits that ‘hip hop’ provides as a navigational tool of human expression.” Rahman Jamaal, HHC West Coast Regional Director

To contact, e-mail hiphopcongress@yahoo.com, or join on Facebook under Stockton Hip Hop Congress Delta College.

The Hip Hop Congress provides the Hip Hop Generation and the Post Hip Hop Generation with the tools, resources and opportunities to make social, economic and political change on a local, regional and national level. Hip Hop Congress is the product of a merger of artists and students, music and community. Hip Hop Congress chapters produce or sponsor hundreds of events a year focusing on hip hop history and culture, as well as the social and political issues hip hop addresses. Events sponsored include panels, speeches, element exhibitions/battles, awareness festivals, screenings, etc. Its Artist Program is designed to help artists pool resources, sell music and take advantage of all the opportunities the music industry has to offer without giving away the rights to their works in return. The network is run via regional delegates and a national oversight committee. Some Hip Hop Congress artists include Shamako Noble, The Procussions, DLabrie, Rahman Jamaal, Aloe Blacc from Emanon, La Boussole (Le Havre, France), the Bedouin, and Jacka and Husalah of the Mob Figaz…more at http://hiphopcongress.com


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