Film Screenings from the Valley to the Bay

“A Year in Revolutionary Hip-Hop” was filmed and produced by members of RHHR and Modesto Anarcho and basically documented a little over 365 days worth of Hip-Hop events in the Central Valley, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. The video featured Oakland group Beltaine’s Fire performing at an “Anarchist Café” on the 10th St. Plaza in downtown Modesto; Cob@lt, Nikfuq, and others freestyling in Graceda Park; Olmeca, Sacrifice, and others at an Anarchist Bookfair in LA; Dead Prez in SF, the Keep Ya Head Up Festival in South Modesto, Testament and Illogik at Firehouse 51, DJ Raw-One at a BBQ/park clean-up; and the Graffiti Festival featuring DJ Nomel and the 40 Thieves from SF (individual versions of these videos can be viewed at The film screening itself was attended by about 60 people on Saturday, September 4th at Station 40 in the Mission District of SF and included a performance by Eddie Falcon of the 40 Thieves.

 “Operation Small Axe” was filmed and produced by the P.O.C.C. Minister of Information JR and documents citizen-police relations during the Oscar Grant and Lovelle Mixon incidents in Oakland. The film gives an inside look at the movements surrounding the fight against police abuse in Oakland and the Bay Area. The film interviews several members of the Justice for Oscar Grant movement, calls out snitches and agent provocateurs, and makes no apologies for the riots or shootings that have occurred due to the strained, or even broken, relationship between the citizens of Oakland and its law enforcement. JR shared the film in September at the Sol Collective in Sacramento, The NOI Mosque in Stockton, and Firehouse 51 in Modesto (as well as all around the country), all of which included a Q&A session and discussion with the Minister of Information.

“Cointelpro 101” was directed and produced by Claude Marks and covered the US government’s program of surveillance, infiltration, and elimination on revolutionary organizations like the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and individuals like Malcolm X.  It featured comments from original Panther Angela Davis and co-author of Agents of Repression Ward Churchill. After the film’s screening audience members were able to participate in a discussion with a panel made up of Marks, as well as Hip-Hop activist and journalist Davey-D, Wise Intelligent of the Hip-Hop group Poor Righteous Teachers, Killa Priest of the Wu-Tang camp, and Casual of the Hieroglyphics crew. This special community event took place at the Madrone Studios in San Francisco on Friday, November 26th.  


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