An Interview with Eddie Falcon of the 40 Thieves

Introduce yourself…

My name is Eddie Falcon but I call my rap project 40 Thieves.

Where you from, where you reppin now?

I’m from Southern Cali, I was born in West Covina in the San Gabriel Valley but I live in the Mission District in San Francisco, now.

How long have you been rapping?

I’ve been free styling since I was like 13. I always thought that was some raw shit. Then, I started wanting to record and it just made more sense to start writing.

Do you make your beats?

Yes, I produce all my own shit. I record with a Roland MV-8000. I play piano and studied theory at city-college. I also have been incorporating some bass guitar. I also like to sample shit; all kinds of shit. I sample everything from lowrider oldies to dark ambient.

Bust a couple of lines from one of your favorite raps you wrote…

I was born in ’83, West Covina to La Puente/Same city murdered on my sista with a cuete/Yo my gente is brown, roll around in Low Riders/Bumpin’ Brenton Wood, in the hood, we survivors/Of the poverty and prisons, crooked cops, crooked system/Deportations, home invasions, yet we still kickin’/Kickin’ it live, ain’t no 9 to 5, 25 to life 3 strikes /wit’ 3 white dudes/In blue suits/beatin’ on yo hide, West fuckin’ side, ‘til the day I die/I’m a raise up hell and stay well by stayin’ high/You go and try, but just know that I/Got nothing to lose /the M9 millimeter is the method I use/So you can go and choose/Join the cause muthafucka, or suffer the fall/We go and see how many real muthafuckas heed the call/Afghanistan Veteran I’m better than you, when it comes to the shootin’ /LA Mexican, when it comes down the lootin’/I’m recruitin’ like Huey Newton/When I die, bullets fly, 21 guns Salutin’!

You work with Iraq veterans against the war, what does that entail?

Squatting and drinking beers. I’m mostly kidding. For real though, personally I try to talk to youth about my experiences in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve spoke at Mission High and I should be speaking at Hayward High soon. I feel these kids are thinking about this stuff like I was back then. I want to tell them what it’s really gonna be like. Most recruiters haven’t been to war. They aren’t gonna tell you any valuable information about it. We are at war now and it’s gonna continue so I hope these kids can make better decisions on what they are gonna do with their life even if that includes the military. I went in to get out of the Barrio environment and away from drugs to have an opportunity to go to school. Organizationally, we try to create actions and campaigns to stop the war, support other vets, and find reparations for Iraqis and Afghanis.

How has having been in the military and now doing anti-military work played into your rhymes and style and made you unique?

I definitely do talk about it in my rhymes. I don’t feel like it’s in the fore front of my raps, though. What being a veteran does is give you a platform to speak from. I am basically someone who did hella dirty work for the state and I am here telling you that something is wrong with the society that we live in. everything from my youth, to the military, to shit goin’ on right now in the world.

You got an official album out, any new stuff on the way?

No official album no labels. I have a demo that I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback about. I’m gonna be starting to do work with other revolutionary rappers like Testament and Illogik. We’re throwing ideas around right now and should begin a rap collective soon. I’m looking forward to it. Some of my beats are also on the “Occupation Has No Future” film. Some friends and I made it from our trip to Palestine documenting the struggle there. Check it out.

How do new fans find out more and listen to your music?

I have a myspace called fortythievessf that has some cool tracks. I play benefit shows in the Bay Area. Watch out for that new anarcho hip hop collective!

Anything else we should know about Eddie Falcon?

I really don’t like the police.


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