RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” about: Graffiti

Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks El da Sensei: “I load my backpack with spray paint Girbaud couldn’t spark the, taggin up a train I catch the pound take a trip to the train yards and think back, when I used to write that shit that used to hit, had all the mad color tips, breakin was my thing I used to spin the back, I never thought I’d spin the wax, with tracks to make your hands clap”

Tame-One: “I tags mad when I drag a fat sack of ism, comin out with New Editions like Mike Bivins, I get a sticker from my nigga with the bag of em, write my name on em then I peel off the back of em, and stick em to victims of underground systems, let the toys bring the noise, me and my boys are gonna diss em”

KRS-One – Out for Fame “I got twenty-five cans in my knapsack, crossin out the wick-wack, puttin up my name with a fat cap, suckers that want to be in my face I just slap that, big respect to Artifacts, Fat Joey Crack and Mack”

LMNO – Aerosol Migrants “he’s got all the tips, a piece metal to scribe, even had a crush on tribe, heavy markers for the black books, has a rold on when he bombs for the outlooks, and another for the fill-ins, top to bottoms going out for the killin, risking his freedom so he can let his piece reign and be the most talked about king, tagging up state property, reppin his crew properly, here comes the coppers g”

Task Force – Graforiginees “ink warfare, we decorate the walls when its dark, here’s the bombing man sequence, just about to start, the streets are getting sprayed up, I’d rather be a graffa than a playa, hit buses and trains and train layers, getting sprayed up in the moonlight, cool graff is worldwide, grab some pens and paint, then go outside and vandalize, just highlight ya name, juggaman step on it, if your backs against the wall turn around and write on it”

O.C. – My Craft “straight from the dome, spray-paint poems, competing for the title of that urban Van Gogh, true reigns supreme with the wall space, outlines give a sketch, now the body has a face, take a step back, analyze, what was fantasized in the mind for everyone’s eyes now, colors resemble candy, make the mouth water, blues, red, whites, and greens, fly color schemes”

MC Juice – 4 My Writers “I’m like a gun in your hand, I spit venom all day, and I come in a can, I’m Hip-Hop to the bone like the rhymes and the beats, and I’m always under pressure til the time of release, I leave it bloody where I’m aimin too, have it rainin blue, green, or red, I spit heat twice and plus I’m flammable, for Hip-Hoppers I’m what’s sprayed the most next to the lead, for the gangstas, I’m how they show respect for their dead”

Typical Cats – The Manhattan Project “no room for bling blingin thugs and whack crooks, I’m tryna king the line bring your drugs gear and black books, I’m in your face in the tunnels and at the bruise spots, I’m on ya train insane to hit paddy wagons and rooftops, you heard of me, burgundy and outlines like murder scenes, germaneeds and ferns and flat whites for blurring greens, fuck over your heads man I’m climbing pylons, tobacco brown, montanas, banana krylons”

LoopTroop – Freedom Writers “you claim they’re not political but to me, the whole art form questions private property, a political crime of passion, this one is to my train bombing, train trashing…freedom fighters in the streets rock, rock on, fighting for freedom, writing for freedom, I represent the spray paint artist, I can feel your pain and hardships, I know you’re workin the grave-yard shift, so you can keep that train-yard hit”

Pack FM – Clik Clak & Spray “proceed with a purpose, my canvas, a surface most people deem as worthless, pop the krylon top, no need to steal, I purchase, you find that funny, I’m spendin rap money, anyway cop a squat, got a nice spot, the rooftop, won’t stop till the suns up and my name’s seen from two blocks, you know what they say, fame is the name of the game, so clear the way when you hear the click, clack, and the spray”

Akrobatik – This Is What I Do “I walk block anonymous, sometimes I feel like my paint can is bottomless, my name, game, and my face scans the metropolis, understand why the wicked man fails at stopping this” 

Perk-One – American Graffiti “in the halls of fame I burn, I set the walls aflame, the cops hate me cuz I scrawl my name on the freight trains, send em across the great plains and back, while the wack stake claims and whack, I paint fame, I hold this back like weight gain its fat”

El Da Sensei – Stayin Up “stayin up, givin my all, graff till I die, hittin your walls, gotta stand out, paints galore, wanna be the best, styles and more”

Bukue-One – Writaz “I tags up quick, full color burner up in minutes, train yards I get up in it and disappear in a instant, in it to win it, bombin yall in three dimentions, controlling the game, pullin ya strings like Jim Henson”

Toomer, Sick Jacken, 2Mex, & B-Real – Death or Retirement Toomer: “in and out of jail for the same fuckin crime, multi-media graffiti design, fox news, LA times, Tijuana to Canada, New York to LA, add it up, a lot of toy-ass crews around the world are mad at us, cuz I bombed this earth with aerosol, every neighborhood was my hood,”

Afu-Ra – Do You Want It “I was born to be a writer, with the soul of a fighter, payin my dues, pullin an all-nighter, Hip-Hop and graffiti whizzes, more sides than a prism, mark the set, paintin from their feelings”

Tame One – Homage 2 the Bombers “I pay homage to the bombers, artists to the hardest, writing never biting, with misdemeanors for charges, Tame got his name on walls in the big cities, even though I’m rapping this graffiti sticks with me, taggin and raggin your black books with the graphics, packs and tactics, crossing out you wack bastards”

Planet Asia – My Name “graffiti artists left the freeway sprayed, started rockin camouflage like they carry grenades, Bambaataa had the Zulu Nation, WildStyles was born, KrushGrove, BeatStreet, then Breakin”

Promoe – These Walls Don’t Lie “his friends knew him by the name of Bingo, as he turned up the volume of a hot new single from LoopTroop his favorite rap group, he loved how they represented him yo, the graff youth, from the grass-roots”

Mr. Lif – Wanted “here I am with the necessary tools in hand, once again self expression is the plan, letters are crafted and lines are filled in, the data compiled is rugged in style, they say I bring to life images that they don’t want the youth to see, claiming I’m defacing the community, if possible humanly, u could understand where I’m comin from, I make clear the things you’re runnin from, and with your fears confronted you will no longer feel hunted, authorities came, I had to run quick, I gave an explanation and they still shunned it, I’m on the dark side of matters, status: wanted”

The Narcissists – Graffwriters

The Shapeshifters – Wallz-n-Trainz

Chemist – Platform Rapform

Bas-One – Graffiti is Art Damn It!!!

Tame One – Graffic Traffic

The Literates – Graff Life

Company Flow – Lune TNS

Reef the Lost Cauze – Infamous

 LoopTroop – Spraycan Stories


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