NiKFUQ Interview

NiKFUQ: Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Modesto Rapper

How’s life as a Modesto MC treating you? > I don’t mind putting it down for Modesto. If I wasn’t in Modesto I might have a few more people listenin to my music. I do wanna touch some obscure part of the underworld tho.

You’ve been puttin it down in the 209 for awhile now, how have you changed and grown as a lyricist? > After doing this for many years, I’ve seen change and growth in every aspect of what we do. From lyrics, styles, rappers, shows, promoters and all that. I do like to challenge myself as a lyricist most. I like using words you might not typically hear rhyme, as in actual rhyming words.

How have you seen the 209 hip-hop scene change over the years? Where would you like to see it go?  > The scene is alive and well. Though I do think that even up to a year ago fools were doing more shows around town and stuff. A lot dudes do come & go, I prefer to keep my name & face out there. I would like this to keep getting bigger as far as fans that actually feel the music. Thats all I really care about.

The last music we heard from you was the Zombifuq album, is that your latest record? >Ya that’s the latest one. I still think more people need to hear it tho. It’s a well thought out album.

How many albums have you officially put out? When can we expect a new release? > I’ve put out 2 official cds on my own, no label backing or anything like that. I’ve also put out cd-rs. I feel like I’m due for something new really really soon.

Your style and content is very unique and creative, how do you come up with your concepts? > Like I said earlier I like to challenge myself lyrically. And also like to come up with strange stories about simple life situations. That album in particular was a blessing, everything just fell into place really good. The whole concept got me hella hype as the recording process took place. From there I went all out with the samples n shit. Joey-T put a lot of work into that. And since I’ve been recording and producing my own shit now also, I realize that now more than ever.

What music does Nikfuq like to listen to when he’s just kicking back? > I like all music. But I like a lot of underground rap. That ‘In Search of Stoney Jackson’ cd is crazy. I’m also very down with ol school prog rock from around the world. That kind of music without singing is probably my favorite right now.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you, any secret fetishes? >I’m part of a secret small group of mc’s that can tell the difference between dope rappers and wack ones.

What was your favorite moment as an MC (performing, recording, etc…)? >Performing is my secret fetish! I wish I had Lady GaGa’s touring budget. If I had that kind of budget, I would perform Zombifuq track by track with actors and actresses performing the storyline of the songs. Uh, anyways performing at the Ceres flea market is my personal fav moment.

How many times has your car been broken into in Modesto? > 3 times. Stolen twice. Recovered twice. The Honda don’t stop!

How do we contact you, learn more, listen to your music, or view your sex tape? >My sex tape was destroyed in the Down Town Modesto Fire of ’09. So good luck finding vhs copies on You can find me on twitter at nikfuq. My old myspace page is under Zombifuq if you wanna hear music. YouTube under all the different names. if you wanna hit me up for whatever reason. Tronikfuq “Enter the 209 Chambers” coming soon! NikFuq EP real soon too. Peace


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