JaeMo..One Year Later: IKON U.R.G.

*Much has changed since July of ’09. Your brand is now called IKON Urban Riot Gear, where did the inspiration/concept for the new name and path come from? In short, I teamed up with the owner of IKON, Jimmy Yau last summer to create IKON Urban Riot Gear. IKON then became complete, what I mean is, we diversified our company to cover several other walks of entertainment, athletics, and fundraisers. It also doesn’t hurt to have Monster Energy as our main sponsor.

**What’s included in the line-up now? Our Merchandise grows by the day. We sell a full IKON line of skateboard decks, wheels, bearings, and soon our own trucks to give our customers a complete IKON skateboard! We also have hats, shirts, and other items you could check out on the websites. Currently we sponsor Pro-Skateboarders, MMA Fighters, Hip-Hop Artists, Dj’s, B-Boys, Graffiti Artists, Motocross, and so on. I can go on and on about what we do as a company, but just take a look at our websites and you’ll be able to understand it in full. My crew is deep, but my direct affiliates are deeper! I just hope that I don’t leave anyone out: Cob@lt, Pashe, King157, Casey Mase’em, Perksun, DJ Liquid, Biz, Ikonik Monstars, B-Boy Ivan, Hocus, Illimentry and many more…

*Are you still finding out things about the business, or do you got the game down now? Well that’s a tough one because to me the game is forever evolving. For myself, I have learned that you are only as strong as your team is and whom you directly associate with. I try to align myself with good stand-up characters that appear to have the same goals in mind.

**How do you manage your time between family, business, and remembering to have fun? After a rigorous 2009-2010 packed with event after event, hustle after hustle, I have recently taken a step back in attending events and have now put my concentrations on all of the behind scenes work. So basically I am doing the same thing minus me being at the events. I promote, arrange, coordinate, design and direct every aspect of IKON with the approval of Jim. My emphasis is on my wife and kids so when they are having fun I am too.

*What are some of the events and places you’ve been involved with in the last year? Wow, there are so many great events we have been a part of, so I’ll try to narrow it down to a few. A). Van’s Warped Tour with The Bring It Back / Grind Time Now Stage, look up the websites. B). Cob@lt and IKON U.R.G present, Eligh and Scarub at Hero’s, shut it down show! C). Avon Breast Cancer Fundraiser, what privilege to be a part of. D). Bring It Back Tour ’09, San Jose, the birth of a great alliance between Fritzo and myself.

**What events/projects do you have coming up? IKON U.R.G and Cob@lt will continue to bring the dopest Hip-Hop events ever in Modesto. Our allegiance with Bring It Back Tour as well as my new Central California Chapter will bring several new acts to our beloved Modesto area. We will also continue to rock any and all skate parks that are willing to host us.

*What do you see as the strength of the central valley hip-hop scene? Do you think its steadily getting better? Cob@lt is the catalyst and I am privileged to be a part of this solid Hip-Hop Movement. It is our duty to display the intentions and true definition of Hip-Hop to those that are ignorant about our culture. Urban Riot Gear is set up for that sole purpose with a mission to “riot” against those who try to control or hold our culture back.

**What’s the next step for you & IKON? What’s the next level you wanna take it to? IKON U.R.G will continue to grow as a company and into an entertainment provider including artist and athletic management and booking amongst other services that will enable all talents to bring their skills to the table.

*What’s the new contact info where people can learn more, or get them some sweet merchandise? Please check out our websites and plug us in to any comments or questions that you may have: http://www.ikonink.net, http://www.myspace.com/ikonink, http://www.myspace.com/urbanriotgear, http://www.bringitbacktour.com.

**Any last messages for the RHHReaders? On a side note, SyqDuq is not dead and will soon arise as a kids clothing line in the near future so look out for that! God bless… Jaemo, Director of Art & Marketing: IKON Urban Riot Gear, President of Bring It Back Central California Chapter.


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