‘Get Up, Stay Up’ Graffiti Fest 2010

On May 29th people with Modesto Anarcho Crew and the Revolutionary Hip Hop Report organized the ‘Get Up, Stay Up’ Graffiti Festival at Cesar Chavez Park in West Side Modesto. The event featured live Hip-Hop from the ‘40 Thievez’, an anarchist rap group from San Francisco.

There were several free walls placed up around the park, and graffiti writers from around Northern California put some of their best work up. There were also other walls up around the park that people tagged on and kids from the neighborhood took turns “getting up.” Several speakers also discussed how to make your own DIY ink and organizing around friends arrested for graffiti.

DJ Nomel closed out the day spinnin on the wheels of steel and through the event people ate free BBQ and picked up copies of local radical publications. In light of the raids against graffiti crews in Merced and continued arrests of our friends – building a revolutionary culture on the streets is more important than ever!







More pictures at: http://www.myspace.com/rhhrorg/photos & http://www.facebook.com/rhhrorg?v=photos


Categories: Central Valley Hip-Hop, Graffiti/Hip-Hop Art

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