RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” by: GURU

Gang Starr (Guru & DJ Premier) – Work “viciously, I make history instantly, those other lame-ass loser-ass niggas, they can’t fuck wit me, I’m doin my thing now to lamp later on, paid in the shade with some fly gators on, but now I’m grimy as they get, mud on my pants and shirt, I bet you niggas out here know I been puttin in work,  I’m gonna be on tid-op, that’s all my eyes can see, victory is mine, yeah surprisingly, I been laying, waiting for your next mistake, I put in work and watch my status escalate”

Gang Starr, Big Shug, & Freddie Foxxx – The Militia “I ain’t one to succumb to no man, but to command, and scoop up the troops when it’s time to take a stand, emphatically, deep strategies leave casualties, I creep gradually ‘til everybody knows that I got more flows than Rosebud got hoes…we cleverly stalked ya, your fam will miss ya, the war’s on, that’s why we formed the militia, everybody’s spittin that their rhyme is hot, cuz its Big Shug, Guru, and Freddie the Fox, when Premier bring the beats no it just don’t stop, it’s the militia”

Guru – Revolutionist “the revolutionist, I’ll blast, refuse to kiss ass, look fast, I’m ready to mash cuz of my bugged out past, it never mattered to the so-called general public about my nation’s situation and how we rise above it, that’s why I only follow instincts, they want us all to be extinct, just threw my man in the clink, the revolutionist, the activist, don’t ask me why I’m packin this, due to circumstances I had to be safe”  

Gang Starr – Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? “dig the scenario, just imagine if each one is teaching one, we’ll come together so that we become, a strong force and we can stay on course, find your direction thru introspection, and for my people out there I got a question, can we be the sole controllers of our fate? now who’s gonna take the weight?”    

Guru & The Roots – Lift Your Fist “too many tears of pain, too many years of struggle, too many drops of blood, too many problems to juggle, too few jobs available, too few schools equipped, too few role models, just gangstas and pimps, will you succumb? will your heart grow numb? or will you save the world, I turn a stick-up kid to a soldier, me and the Roots, word up, we takin over, all my people just lift your fist, seems like it ain’t no peace, no justice, how you want it? from the bullet or the microchip, either way you got to lift your fist”

Gang Starr – Code of the Streets “They might say we’re a menace to society, but at the same time I say why is it me? am I the target for destruction? what about the system and total corruption? I can’t work at no fast-food joint, I got some talent, so don’t you get my point? I’ll organize some brothers and get some crazy loot, selling D-R-U-G-Ses and clocking dollars, troop cuz the fat dough, yo, that suits me fine, I gotta have it so I can leave behind the mad poverty, never having always needing, if a sucker steps up, then I leave him bleeding, you gotta be a pro, do what you know when you’re dealing with the code of the streets”

Gang Starr – Tonz-O-Gunz “tonz o gunz, everybody’s getting strapped, tonz o gunz gotta watch the way you act, tonz o gunz real easy to get, tonz o gunz bringing nothin but death, tonz o gunz are in the streets nowdays, its big money and you know crime pays”

Guru & MC Solaar – Le Bien, Le Mal “crazy madness it’s all I see out my window, it doesn’t matter who’s the president yo, I hate to tell ya, but slavery is still in effect, haven’t you checked, as black folks we ain’t free yet, I make a bet, if we don’t let the truth out, evil will win without a doubt, it’s the good, the bad, le bien, le mal”

Gang Starr & Jeru the Damaja – I’m the Man “my street style and intelligence level makes me much more than just an angry rebel, I’m Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, MCs that ain’t equipped get flipped in my circle, I’m aimin on, rainin on those bitch ass chumps, cuz their rhymes don’t flow and their beats don’t bump” 

Gang Starr – Full Clip “I’ll make ya famous, turn around and make ya nameless, cuz you never understood how vital to me this rap game is”

Gang Starr – Skills “skills, top rank point blank we vital, spit flows rip shows peep the recital, skills, now you feel it when we drop those, hot beats stop foes, killin shit, we got those, skills, it’s the music that the street love, each thug, is now reppin this with deep love, skills, Gang Starr duelin again, rulin again, watch as we do it again”

Gang Starr – Manifest “I’m your professor, I got the touch to do more than the rest who fess and can’t compete, I’m elite, I’ll defeat, delete, and mistreat, make mincemeat of other fools, cause I’m the brother who’ll, snatch up the funds and make lonely ones, I meant it really, cause I’m clearly obsessed and these are the words that I manifest, I manifest”

Gang Starr – Mass Appeal “you’d be happy as hell to get a record deal, maybe your soul you’d sell to have mass appeal”

Gang Starr, K-Ci & JoJo – Royalty “a lot of ladies out there be lookin lovely, but they ain’t got no control over their lives, inside they’re ugly, to the sweethearts out there breakin hearts, while we take part of this Hip-Hop art, the best way is not always the fast way and the best way is not always to act nasty, I’ll open up the door always before you pass me, baby doll, cuz you’re royalty”

Gang Starr & Inspectah Deck – Above the Clouds “above the crowds, above the clouds, where the sounds are original, infinite skills create miracles, warrior spiritual, above the clouds reining down, holdin it down”

Gang Starr & Scarface – Betrayal “scandalous, money, greed, and lust, in this trife life there ain’t nobody you can trust, plus, there’s no justice, it’s just us, in fact, watchin you back, it be a must, and each and every day around the way gats bust, and jealous so-called friends will try to set you up, it’s called betrayal”

Gang Starr, Fat Joe, & M.O.P. – Who Got Gunz “nowadays my priorities ain’t based on fun, I’m tryin to cop some more property and in the case of those guns, sick societies got Guru protecting his fam, fuck prudential, I got my own protection plan”

Gang Starr – Just to Get a Rep “the rep grows bigger now he’s known for his trigger finger, rolling with troops of his sons like a gangsta figure, he’s near the peak of his crazy career…his time ran out his number came up and that’s it, you know the rest so don’t front, the plan has been upset, some brothas gotta go out, just to get a rep”

Gang Starr, Rakim, & W.C. – Militia II “put suckaz on blast, send em back to class, and kick hot shit, so we can stack the Johnny Cash, I brought the God, Rakim, lyrically gunnin, you wanna dash? I got Dub-C, from South C, what? you doubt me? travelin through warzones with my infrared microphone, destroying enemy’s chromosomes, words burn through flesh leavin nothing but skeletal, you best pay respect to the legends boy, I’m tellin ya, militia”  

Gang Starr, Nice & Smooth – DWYCK  “lemonade was a popular drink and it still is, I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis”

Guru & Ice-T – Underground Connections

Guru & The Perceptionists – Party Hard

Gang Starr & Snoop Dogg – In This Life…

Guru & Kelis – Supa Love

Guru, Planet Asia, & Prince Paul – Not Tryin’ to Hear That

Guru – No Surviving

Guru & Erykah Badu –Plenty



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