Merced’s Finest: Tha Thurd

How did you get the name The Thurd? I was named after my grandfather and father….. I’m tha thurd generation…

Have you always live in Merced? I was born in San Jose but grew up in Merced. Merced is my home.. But I did live in Houston Texas for a year.

What’s your earliest Hip-Hop memory? When I was 7 riding in the car with my mother and she would always play Sheila E, The World Class Wrecking Crew, and Stevie B…. That shit would go…

Do you still remember your first rap? When was it? Just about elementary school, not turning in my homework, principal office and shit… Back in 3rd grade.

How are your rhymes now different from your first one? Very different. I’m older, wiser, and my music always relates to my life… Plus my rhyming ability is much polished and advanced…..

You got a new album coming out, what’s it about? Is it your first album? This is my second official album under the Chunk Records label which will be published under BMI. It’s titled Tha Ugly Truth. The title speaks for itself.

Who did you work with on it? Who you been working with in general? Looney209, DJ Q, B&B, D Tha MC, Sean B, Sapient, and Eligh and of the Living Legends.

How do you like being in the studio, what’s your creative process? It’s a great creative atmosphere and it also reminds me that it’s time to do work… I usually have all my songs ready to go but I still write songs on the spot, the studio and other people’s vibes bring it out of me.

How do you like being on stage? I love it!  It’s the icing on the cake when you get to perform the music you’ve made. Always bring the A-game and don’t forget to work the crowd and control the breath…

You shot a video for the new album, how was that? Was it your first video?Tha Ugly Truth. The single and self-title for my album… I had a blast!! So many people were a part of it and I thank them very much… I wouldn’t have wanted my first video directed by anyone else other than Josh Rivera.

How is the Merced Hip-Hop scene? It’s progressing, it’s growing and it’s great….

How do you like being part of the Central Valley Hip-Hop scene? It’s an honor and I hope I’m always associated when that is brought up…

Where’s Central Valley Hip-Hop gonna be in 20 years and why? Bigger and better… It’s not gonna be slept on because we’re between The Bay and L.A….. there’s way too much talent in all the elements of hip hop not to be noticed… The Central Valley is a Catalyst….

Where’s Tha Thurd gonna be in 20 years? Hopefully alive and sending my kids through college by doing what I love..

What can we expect from Tha Thurd in the near future? How can fans find out more? You can expect to hear my music and my name alot more…. I’m gonna be touring and working hard to reach the masses…. Coming your way soon…

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