March for Education Ends in Arrests & Police Brutality

March 4th: Across California, students and educational workers rose up against budget cuts, layoffs, fee hikes, and the system that prioritizes war and prisons over schools. In Berkeley, students blocked gates to UCB, rallied, and marched to downtown Oakland.

Protesters in Berkeley

In Oakland, hundreds of K-12 students walked out and protested on Telegraph Avenue. Laney College students marched to the main rally at Oakland City Hall. After the rally in Frank Ogawa plaza, 150-200 people walked onto southbound I-880 in Oakland. About an equal number of police mass-arrested most of those on the freeway. An Indybay reporter was arrested with 155 others and taken to Oakland City jail and Santa Rita jail overnight. One person was taken to the hospital after either falling, jumping, or being pushed by police off of the freeway. In San Francisco, SF State students, faculty, and supporters, in an event sponsored by the California Faculity association, rallied and briefly blocked 19th Street. SF City College students rallied and rapped. Later, thousands from schools across SF marched and rallied at the Civic Center along with several labor groups. In Concord, students at Diablo Valley College rallied and marched. In Vallejo at the California Maritime Academy, employees, faculty, and students rallied against budget cuts.

In Santa Cruz, students, faculty, and workers gathered at 5 am to shut down UCSC by blocking the two main gates, followed by rallies and a general assembly. In Aptos, hundred rallied at Cabrillo College. In Watsonville, parents, students, and community partners held a rally in the Watsonville plaza. In Monterey, CSU-Monterey students rallied against budget cuts, inaction, and the destruction of the higher education system.

In Davis, police used pepper balls, batons, and tasers on UC Davis students as they attempted to block I-80. In Sacramento, thousands rallied in front of the Capital building to protest politicians selling education short in California. In Stockton, students, teachers, and workers march against cuts on education. In Fresno, students, faculty, and supporters marched to CSU-Fresno where they were joined by hundreds of more students who walked out of classes and joined the rally. Following the rally, dozens of students marched to the administration building and engaged in a sit-in until they left of their own accord late in the evening.

In Los Angeles, 300 students occupied UCLA’s Murphy Hall while thousands of others marched and rallied. More student and education worker actions took place across the U.S.

May 4th Update: Dozens of March 4th arrestees (including several Modesto residents) sentenced to time served; Next court date May 11th 9am March

Police arrest protesters on the 880 freeway

 5th Update: One hundred and fifty-seven I-880 arrestees were taken to Glenn Dyer jail in Oakland and Santa Rita jail in Dublin, an Indybay reporter amongst them. Most were charged with unlawful assembly and obstruction of a public place (misdemeanors). At least two at Oakland and one at Santa Rita were held on bail, charges being resisting arrest and or assault. All have been released by now. Arraignments for I-880 arrestees are set for April 2nd and April 5th. A local high school student, Francois Zimany, is recovering from a 25-30 foot fall off of I-880. 

Full story at  

Even after all this education continues to be on the chopping block on a federal, state, and local level…


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