We Don’t Forget…We Organize

Police Violence in the Central Valley 

Alberto Sepulveda – Sep 2000 – Modesto – SWAT/Officer D.Hawn -Executed in a drug raid, 11 yrs old 

Eustolio Aguilar      Apr 2003            Modesto       Killed when reaching for a cell phone while being detained, 22 yrs old                                              

Sammy Galvan

Sammy Galvan   Aug 2004             Modesto        Police claim he tried to attack them when witnesses say otherwise, 22 yrs old                                      

Andres Raya  Jan 2005                Ceres               Shot 18 times and killed after taking out a cop and injuring another, 19 yrs old                                      

Deaf Driver      2006            Modesto Officers Oaxaca & Rodney  (MPD)He was wrongfully accused of stealing a car. He was shot at then got tased 

Melron Johnson  2006  Modesto Police said he attacked with a knife and later admitted there was no knife  

John Doe        2007       Ceres        Shot in the back several times as he ran from the cops     

High School Student    2008   Fresno   Attacked an officer with a bat 

Joey Pinasco   2008  Escalon   CHP    Outrunning the police cops shoot with little warning

Ritchie Robles     Jan 2009     Modesto        MPD        Shot by female cop

Richie Robles

Craig Prescott     Apr 2009     Modesto       Sheriff     Inmate tased to death

Luis Gutierrez      Apr 2009        Woodland       Sheriff/ Gang unit    Shot in the back by gang unit outside of DMV  

Manuel Dante Dent    Aug 2009  Modesto    Sheriff    Inmate tased to death

Alton Warren      Sep 2009     Modesto       Sheriff     Inmate tased to death   

Elizabeth Kropp Dec 2009 Modesto MPD Mentally ill woman shot to death

Craig Prescott

The list does not include incidents that did not lead to death such as harassment, racial profiling, and terrorizing our communities.

Our day to day activities are very important, what we spend our time on is important but because we experience so much violence throughout our day that we have been desensitized to it. We can no longer be shocked of the crazy things we experience or hear about. When a cop goes off on a power trip and kills someone like Richie Robles, or Luis Gutierrez, you would think someone is holding these cops accountable. NOT! Most of them are still cops in the same or a different department but still a cop. CopWatch and other groups like Modest Anarcho Crew and the Modesto Brown Berets realize the importance of building strong networks and community to address issues like police brutality which is a major issue in our community.

We have to hold them accountable, no one else will. We must demand full transparency in all executions by cops. We must resolve problems without calling the police they only make situations worse. These are OUR STREETS! We should organize and patrol them to keep the police off the block. We are what we are, but we are not going to take any more abuse from the police. YA BASTA! – M.C.W.


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