Save DQ University!

Demand Attorney General Jerry Brown Name a New Competent Board of Trustees for DQ-University

D-Q University was occupied in 1970, becoming the first inter-tribal collaboration which addressed the lack of structural unity among First Nations of North America. It opened its doors with a purpose to serve all indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. D-Q is a place for international peace, wisdom and understanding. It is here that we can preserve and share with the World our cultures, traditions and heritage, without interference or dominance from the Western Colonial Establishment.

With 643 acres of land, D-Q U provides one of the few spaces in North America for all tribes to bring and share their ceremonies. Indigenous Perma culture (ancient traditional native farming), renewable energy such as bio-diesel fuels, solar technology, wind power, along with land and animal restoration are key components of the mission of  D-Q University. Due to growing world wars, a black hole economy, and unprecedented environmental disasters, we as Natives, have taken initiative in confronting assimilation and absorption of Western policies.

Over the years D-Q U has been the victim of embezzlement, fraud, and abuse from the corrupted Board of Trustees while the youth bear the burden of consequences. Direct action must be taken against the Board of Trustees to be held accountable for their crimes. Since 2005, D-Q University’s Board of Trustees have failed to hold a structure that can deliver progressive results towards maintaining any place of education. They annually receive $52,000 from a land lease agreement from the Yolo County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Duane Chamberlain. While serving as Board members, under their “leadership” the campus has now been condemned and is currently a fire hazard being overgrown with dry brush with no water or electricity.

Due to the fact that the members of the Board have proven their lack of knowledge, skills and abilities to run a university, as well as its long list of failing the school by losing its accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, spending endowment money meant for student scholarships, doing nothing to hire teachers and re-start classes, losing federal funding and not applying to get it back, and not securing student records, library holdings, and collections of the university, this Board has repeatedly demonstrated incompetence to the point of malfeasance. Individual board members have unlawfully exercised powers, committed fraud, abused the community and the students that the university was intended to serve, and misappropriated and converted funds donated for the use of the university to their own personal use.

We, the people, are asking Jerry Brown, Attorney General for the State of California, to dismiss the current D-QU Board of Trustees and appoint, with the support of the community, a new Board of Trustees, one that is properly educated and motivated to reopen D-Q U. We further request that Attorney General Brown act in support of the Quo Warranto Complaint filed in California Superior Court for Yolo County seeking redress in these matters.

We Encourage the Indigenous Community To Demand Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr name a new competent Board of Trustees for D-Q University. Please Write & or Call Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr and Voice Your Concern for the One & Only Tribal College in California DQ-University.

Mailing Address: Attorney General’s Office CA Dept. of Justice P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550


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  1. This article is right on. It tells the often-overlooked truth behind the Land and Leadership Controversy now unfolding at
    D-Q University.

    Its a shame that the California Attorney General (Jerry Brown) and the “Special Investigations Unit” of the A.G.’s office continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the D-Q University board of trustees’s shameless milking of The System for their own selfish benefit.

    It’s September 2010 now -and not a damned thing has changed, at D-Q University. The school is still closed, and broke, and deserted. The same tiny little knot of sellout Indians (the board of “trustees”) are still in power, and the school has been designated as “unfit for human habitation” by the Yolo County Department of Health.

  2. this is a very curious post and apparently a new one. first of all jerry brown is no longer the attny general for which a quo warrento was filed. this is dead on arrival. it took 6-7 months for the then attny general to render it’s decision that there was no basis for this to be filed. in the attny generals office chris lamerton was handling it at the time. the decision was rendered in 20010. feb i believe. i would have to check my records. what’s this all about??. it is a dead issue unless someone files a new complaint. by the way the one who filed this original complaint was a non-indian wanting d.q. for himself noel boaz. please review this info. it can be verified with the office of registry of trusts grants.

    • This article was published online 3 years ago and was published in the RHHR newsletter months before that. It was passed on to us from organizers who were involved with the occupation of DQ University from some of their literature, we are not familiar with Mr. Boaz but have worked closely with several of the people involved in this struggle. We hope this clears up any confusion, thank you for your concern.

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