RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” by: Natives

Conway-K (Red Power Squad) – Emcee

“yall ain’t hard, Imma tell you what’s hard, a single mother working two jobs, that’s hard, all I hear is talk about stuff that’s illegal, try and say something that’ll uplift your people”

Antithesis – Solidarity

“Native nations, it’s time to unite, stand together as warriors, it’s time to fight, we don’t see boundaries, solidarity’s a must, cuz we didn’t cross their borders, their borders crossed us”

Plex & Wab Kinew – The Way it Should Be

“I slipped through the cracks, and there’s no turnin’ back, after 500 years of terrorist attacks, this ain’t about race, it’s about trying to replace, the people in the government that steady lie to your face”

Short Dawg the Native – Walk the Streets with a Baseball Bat

“hold it down for the rez until the day that I die, my grandma told me real men ain’t afraid to cry, so I wept for my people, rep for my people, I’m Native to the heart, don’t want shit then don’t start, a warriors blood pumps through my veins, and tell ‘em Short Dawg is my mothafuckin’ name”

Quese IMC – Good Ol’ Amerikka

“they would murder little boys and girls point blank with a rifle, and it was all in the name of the American flag and their bible, it’s an American holocaust that surpasses any you study, so when you pledge allegiance to the flag your chest is bloody” 

Cihuatl-Ce – Here We Come

“mirrored images of who’s the most militant, urban indigenous, I’m just a lyricist, struck with a bad case of fear-based paralysis, complacency corroding my critical analysis, but today I awoke and said no, no, no I ain’t havin’ this”

Litefoot – Call Me Hostile

“fuck a treaty, my people are needy, with tears in my eye, the tomahawks fly, fuck a treaty, the white man’s greedy, I think I came up with a solution and the answer is revolution”

Tru Rez Crew – I’m a Lucky One

“we love it, yo, I’ll meet you at the summit when we spit flows in public, never act a clown, cuz we once were kings, like my Native Manuel locked down ‘til spring, he’ll be back a year older when the birds start to sing, and we’ll change the whole world with the hope we bring”

Buggin’ Malone – The Beat Goes On  (Leonard Peltier Tribute)

“people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Peltier my brother man you are not alone, doin’ time for a crime that you didn’t commit, the government is guilty of more than that shit, murder one, theft, false imprisonment, and rape, trespassing, strong-arm robbery, and hate”

Blu (Rez Inc) – Definition of a Cree

“no I ain’t famous, I ain’t the greatest, I’m just a Native with the latest written pages, I’m still nameless, it don’t matter cuz at least I made it this far, to give knowledge and get paid is just hard”

Urban Buffaloes – Regret Nothing

“regret nothing, life’s a miracle, some physical, some spiritual, dream something, know what you’re supposed to know, some mental, & some emotional, you’re supposed to grow, and die happy, live life and fall into exactly what you need to do to get to your goal, prepare for all mistakes cuz you never know”

Feenix (Shawn Bernard) – Strong

“I’m strong, strong like two people, cuz I live in two worlds and choose equal, one world is involved in the past and the other is a world that’s moving too fast”

Shining Soul – Move

“from a city that keeps it warm, we everything but the norm, raised in hotness, kissed by the sun, underexposed, far from done”

Night Sheild, 2-8 the Native, & Yaiva – The Hostile Takeover

Los Nativos – Atltlachinolli

El Vuh – Mexica Tiahui

Lorenzo – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

War Club – The Nemesis

              Tolteka – Asi Es Gente Ruff

7th Generation – Ghetto 2 the Rez

                BRWN BFLO – What’s Good?

Indigenous Radio – 1942

                           Olmeca – Batalla

Eekwol – Ohtaw Napepawees

                 Lakota Jonez – Beautiful


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  1. god bless native hip hop due to ww11 this would not have been u.s if it werent for my fallen warriored up ancestors ….. this is chrazee g coming off the navajo nation native route 16boyz take this everyday as a south west native rola we be the #1 to tell u how its done

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