KOSHAE: Los Banos Represents

What’s Koshae all about? It’s hard to say what I’m all about cuz I’m such a diverse individual, but if I had to sum it up in one word I would say LIVING. I’ve had too many close calls to not acknowledge life at this point.

Have you always lived in Los Baños? Yeah.. I was born in Merced and raised in L.B. PROUD CENTRAL CALI RESIDENT!!!

What’s good in Los Baños? For me? It’s all good even when it’s all bad you dig?

At what age did you start rhymin? I wrote my first rap when I was around 14 in juvenile hall. From then on I started writing. You see? From 14 to 19 a lot of shit can happen, the majority of my teenage years was spent around dope dealers. I always had a pen and paper. Music became like therapy. The shit I was writing about was real so I was encouraged to spit nothing but the raw shit. Now that I’m older I’m taking my craft to another level.

Have you dropped your first album yet? Naw I haven’t dropped one yet but it’s definitely in the works. It will be called CHEM-TRAILZ. I don’t wanna say too much just know its coming!!

Who you working with on it and in general? So far I got production by 2012 and Seph 1. I’m also collabing with SACRIFICE. We just did a joint called “System Down” for his new album so be sure to look out for that. Oh and don’t be surprised if you here some shit with me and the homies from CHUNK RECORDS. THURD, LOONEY, BNB.

What do you think about Central Valley Hip-Hop? I don’t think about it. I do it and been doing it for years you feel me? I just give props to the real cats that been paving the way. Not just rappers. I’m talking bout B-BOYZ, GRAFF ARTISTS, DJs, and the supporters of this culture we all play a part in this movement. But the valley has been puttin it down fo sho.

What do you think about west coast hip-hop? It’s fucken dope! Every part of the WEST COAST brings something to the table. LET’S EAT!!!

What do you love about hip-hop? I got love for all the elements, but right now I’m focused more on the music.

What makes Koshae unique? Not sure… I’m just myself I stay true to what I believe I’ll always be about the baggy jeans and the fat sole kicks ‘cause I’m cool like that! lol.

How is Koshae gonna change the world? Is this an interview or beauty pageant? Lmao, fuck the world and its disorder. WELFARE

How does a new fan keep up on all things Koshae? Tune in to the underground. I’m out here doing shows, come threw, swig a brew. Say wusup! Other than that, like every other narcissistic basterd on earth, http://myspace.com/koshae209

Any final thoughts? Yeah man I just want to give thanks to everybody that be coming out to the shows and supporting me and shit. BIG UPS TO WELFARE MAFIA and THE HOMIES @ RHHR MAGAZINE. GOD BLESS.


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