In these Hard Times…KEEP YA HEAD UP

Los Banos MC Koshae Rips the Mic

Northern California’s Caravan for Justice continues…In these hard times, the 209 says Keep Ya’ Head Up! After the murder of Oscar Grant on New Year’s Day 2009 at the hand of BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle, the Bay Area & Central Valley began organizing a coalition of community members who decided to take these issues to the people who should be solving them: California Law Makers. The “Caravan for Justice” was created to lobby members of the CA government to take a look at police abuse in communities of color, unequal arrest rates, unfair prison sentences, the 3 strikes law, school underfunding, prison overcrowding, and poverty. The first caravan took place on February 19th on the steps of the State Capitol building in Sacramento and has returned twice on April 8th and May 26th drawing a crowd of thousands. Caravan for Justice IV is in the making, check:

Volunteers BBQ & Paint the Graff Wall

In the 209, activists and community organizers from the RHHR, Modesto Copwatch, Aztlan Rising, Nation of Islam-Stockton, Modesto Brown Berets, Modesto Anarcho Crew, Sol Collective in Sacramento, DQ University, and K- Cizzl Productions came together to further address these issues on a local level. On Sunday, October 11th at Plaza Gil on Crows Landing Road in South Modesto, they hosted the “Keep Ya’ Head Up Hip Hop Festival” as an anti-Columbus Day event to fight local police brutality, stop racist gang injunctions, and support immigrant rights. The event included performances from LA’s El Vuh, Sherman Austin, and Sacrifice, SF’s Sellassie, and 209’s Cob@lt, Nikfuq, True2Life, Los Punks del Norte, TruthBTold, Juggernaut Records, Pen-Point Ent, Tha Thurd, Koshae, ILL CRW, Bob Dizzle & Vel, Sont, Anthony K, DJ Ogre & DJ 5on5. The day also featured free food, raffles, guest speakers, a bounce house, face painting, vendors, film screenings, and a graffiti wall. 

Around 300 people from LA, the Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, Manteca, Merced, Los Banos, and of course Modesto attended the 7 hour long event

DJ 5on5, TruthBTold, & K-Cizzl Hold It Down

without a single act of violence, drama, or set-trippin.’ This is our way of taking our community back to empower ourselves against the system that is obviously formatted to incarcerate and criminalize urban youth and people of color. Show your support and build community with us. Let’s change the Central Valley for the sake of our children’s future…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


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