Interview with Marcella Arguello (Very Funnny)

RHHR: Tell us, who is Marcella?

MARCELLA: I’m just a silly ass girl with a ridiculous stature.

RHHR: Who are your favorite comedians? 

MARCELLA: One of my personal favorites is Dave Attell. He is incredibly clever and has a wicked sense of humor. But I’m inspired by a lot of comics all across the board from mainstream comics like Chappell to Carlin to DeGeneres to more underground comics like Eugene Mirman to Hari Kondabolu to Natasha Leggero.

RHHR: Tell us of some of the big comedians you’ve met or shared a stage with!

MARCELLA: I was lucky enough to earn a spot opening up for Norm MacDonald, and I recently shared a stage with Mark Curry and Paul Mooney. But I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jim Gaffigan, Nick Swardson, Dave Attell, Dave Chappelle and many others. How dope is that!!??

RHHR: We met after one of your dance performances. That was tight!  Michael Jackson was one of your idols, how do you keep him alive?

MARCELLA: Michael Jackson is the reason I understand what it takes to be a true entertainer. After he passed away I brought back the impersonation for a one night only type of performance at a show I was headlining in San Francisco. However, the night before my friend, Fig Mutant, had his CD release party and really wanted me to do it then. The energy was insane both nights. Nobody can deny the power he had over audiences and the world over.

RHHR: What music do you listen to the most?

MARCELLA: I have a taste in music that spans all across the board. I’m just huge on great production so I love everything. From Regina Spektor to Atmosphere ((Ant is a genius)) to Beyonce to Ghostface Killah to Robyn to Ella Fitzgerald to No Doubt to The Blow to Edan to Kanye West to Fiona Apple to Lady Gaga to Living Legends to Jean Grae to M.I.A. to all the Salsa and Latino music I grew up on to everything! My family has different tastes, so my dad would blast The Beatles and my mom would listen to CCR and Queen and my brothers would bump Wu Tang Clan and my sister and I would listen to En Vogue and I was l only ten years old with all these varieties of brilliant music! I just love good music. And we’re lucky enough to live with it in so many forms.

RHHR: I have watched all your homemade videos on MySpace and I think you are really funny, I specially like that you keep it local. How do local issues inform your stand up?  

MARCELLA: A lot of my material has come from personal experiences that I’ve had in Modesto, but as far as discussing topical issues in my stand up regarding Modesto, it’s a little hard since I perform mostly in the Bay Area and they’re not too concerned with us. But I am very proud to be from Modesto, I am the person that I am because of all of my experiences in Modesto, be they good or bad. 209 TIL I DIE!!!!

RHHR: I understand you are coming out with a book! “Everybody Aborts!” how long have you been writing?

MARCELLA: “Everybody Aborts” is a satirical feminist book presented in the form of a children’s coloring book. It’s kind of ridiculous and took a back seat for a few months because my life has been non-stop chaos since I started it late last year but I cannot wait to put it out into the world. I think it’s an important issue that does not attain the attention it deserves, so many women have had an abortion and keep it a secret because they are either ashamed or embarrassed or something horrible but they shouldn’t be because every women and every story is different and sometimes it is the best choice.

RHHR: Do you call yourself a feminist? / What does that mean to a comedian? Are some jokes off limits?

MARCELLA: I am certainly a feminist but my comedy is not engrossed in it but the strong female perspective is there and that’s because that’s what I am!!  To me, nothing is off limits and sometimes I feel the backlash, but comedy is art and art is life and it’s all a form of being true to yourself and being honest to create the best form of art.

RHHR: You’re multi talented, how did you decide that this was going to be what you wanted to do for ever and a day? 

MARCELLA: Someone suggested it to me once and I just went for it. It made sense. I’ve always been the class clown and enjoyed being the center of attention. So, I asked, why not?

RHHR: Do you make your own videos?

MARCELLA: Yes, I make all of my own videos but recently I’ve started collaborating with other comedians because I have found a few that I work really well with. They’re so much fun to create, the writing, acting and editing, I love doing it all. Not because I think I’m talented but mostly because I’m a control freak. FACT!

RHHR: Can you give any advice to youngsters who think they want to head in your direction?

MARCELLA: Never lie to yourself. Be confident. But don’t confuse confidence with being conceited because that can be tricky! And just go for it.


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2 replies

  1. Marcella is VERY funny and multitalented. This interview will be quoted in the inevitable documentary on her “early years.”

  2. I hecka hope that she makes it big (like a cock) so she can save my career, because shits looking like my rapping dream is a turd in the toilet o’ life. shoot im just being honest. I’m my own biggest fan and marcella can maybe piggy back me hollyhood here I come, holla and to Dean I love you Dean. come back for me okay one day when tom’s butthole finally gets shot out. we can watch all the adam sandler movies together and quote the lines whoopideedoo!!

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