Hip-Hop on Lock-Down: Letters from Pelican Bay II

Prison Officials Attempt to Limit Inmate Communications with the Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report 

By the time this note reaches you may it find you and yours well and, of course, in the Spirit of the Most High. As for self, I am well. This is just quick note to bring you up to date. Last month I attempted to send you some artwork, but for reasons beyond me. It was deemed to promote gang activities. Just how so has yet to be explained and/or defined. I am appealing. I am enclosing, with this writing, a copy of the 2 forms citing the violations, which is the standard line for denial of any point of view they do not agree with. A direct violation of the 1st amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of association…So you might want to consider the attached documents in a future article and/or editorial. Almost without pause, any conversation surrounding the short corridor and the conditions herein is automatically deemed to promote gang activities. On that note I will sign off.     Peace out, The Short Corridor Few. 




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